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Graduate Programs

The department offers master's and doctoral degrees in mathematics.

Saint Louis University graduate programs in mathematics provide students with the opportunity to learn and grow as scholars in an exciting environment of mathematical research.

Degrees offered

The Department offers programs of instruction and research leading to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The M.A. is intended to prepare students for further study toward the Ph.D. or for a career in teaching or industry. The Ph.D. prepares students for research and/or teaching careers in colleges, universities or industry.

Follow the links below for more information about the requirements for these degrees.

Apply or Request Information


To apply to a graduate program in our department please go to and click on "Apply Now". 

Requesting Information

To get additional information about Saint Louis University in general and in particular our graduate programs go to and click on "Request Information".

Questions about our graduate programs should be sent to:

Jim Gill, Graduate Director
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Saint Louis University
220 N. Grand Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63103-2007

or call (314) 977-2444

Saint Louis University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

About the Program

SLU graduate mathematics is unique!

Obviously our location in the beautiful and culturally rich Midtown area of St. Louis makes us unique. But there is a combination of qualities that we think distinguishes our mathematics graduate program in a more substantial way.

  • We are a small program with a high student/faculty ratio. (The ratio is about 1-1.)
  • We provide a nurturing yet rigorous and challenging environment.
  • The master's program prepares candidates for Ph.D. study or for work in teaching or industry.
  • The department is engaged in undergraduate curriculum reform using leading-edge technology, and graduate students participate in this.
  • We have a record of recruiting, graduating, and placing minority students.

Financial assistance

Students who are awarded teaching assistantships normally teach one course per semester. This allows graduate students maximum freedom to pursue graduate study while perfecting their teaching skills. The nine month stipend amount is approximately $19,000 (as of 2010), including full tuition remission and medical benefits. In addition, each year the department can nominate outstanding candidates for Minority Fellowships and Presidential Fellowships.

Required course work

Ten courses (30hrs) at the 400 or 500 level are required for the M.A. The graduate (500) level courses are centered around four year-long sequences in algebra, analysis, differential geometry, and topology. Two of these sequences must be completed for the M.A. There are 400 level courses in these areas which prepare the student for the graduate level sequences. Courses at the advanced graduate level allow the student to proceed beyond the standard graduate curriculum into areas of research represented by the faculty. Additional course work and a dissertation consisting of original research are required for the Ph.D.

The faculty

SLU has an internationally recognized faculty in the research areas of geometric and algebraic topology, differential geometry, relativity theory, group theory, group representation theory, and functional analysis. A high faculty-to-student ratio allows for creative, individual instruction within a framework of rigorous training.

The students

SLU graduate math students come from many backgrounds.  Some have just finished their undergraduate degrees, others have already been in the workforce for years.  Some enter the Master's program as a terminal degree, others plan to continue towards the PhD either at SLU or another institution.  Our students career goals vary widely:  Many plan to teach mathematics at some level, some are heading for financial careers such as actuarial work, and others plan to work in industry.

Midtown Saint Louis

Saint Louis University is located in the beautiful and diverse midtown area of the city if Saint Louis. We are adjacent to a cultural district that includes Powell Hall (home of the Saint Louis Symphony), the Fox Theater, and the Sheldon Hall. We are minutes from Forest Park, which is the largest city park in the U.S. and includes the St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, and History Museum. Most of the graduate students live off-campus, but on campus housing is available.

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