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The 2011 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Featuring Thomas Hull, Western New England College
The 2010 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Featuring Michael Bender, Stony Brook University and Tokutek
Arts & Sciences Interdisciplinary Forum
Art and mathematics panel discussion.
L^2 Hodge theorems: Why weight?
Dr. Eugenie Hunsicker, Lawrence College
Ricci solitons and warped product Einstein metrics
William Wylie, U. Pennsylvania
Real Estate in Hyperbolic Space: Investment Opportunities for the New Millenium
Mel Slugbate, Slugbate and Mossbutter Real Estate Agency
The Implementation of Dynamic Geometry Software in a Problem-based Learning Environment
Dr. Vesna Kilibarda, Indiana University Northwest
Computing the non-abelian tensor product of groups.
Dr. Robert F. Morse, University of Evansville, Indiana
Dante's Journey and the Cosmology of a Christian
Dr. Dimitri Bayuk, Russian Academy of Science
A Hilbertspace approach to Wavelets.
Dr. Wai Shing Tang, National University of Singapore (visiting Vanderbilt University)
Constructing Higher Dimensional Wavelets
Dr. Marcin Bownik, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
The Fourth Dimension
Dr. Michael Starbird, University of Texas, Austin
Dimension Reduction of Neuroimaging Data Analysis
Dan Shen, University of South Florida
Computational Techniques for the Analysis of Large Scale Biological Systems
Tae-Hyuk (Ted) Ahn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Structural Variation and Gene Fusion Discovery using Next-Generation Sequencing
Jin Zhang, Genome Institute, Washington University
Deep Sequencing Analytics to Enable Precision Medicine Computational Methods, Algorithms and Tools
Dongxiao Zhu, Wayne State University
Network-based Approaches toward Precise Disease Classification, Prognosis and Treatment
Md Jamiul Jahid, University of Texas at San Antonio
Math Awards Ceremony
T. Christine Stevens, American Mathematical Society
Research, Spain, and Administration: Olé!
T. Christine Stevens, American Mathematical Society
Traveling Fronts to the Combustion and the Generalized Fisher-KPP Models with Fractional Laplacians
Tingting Huan, University of Connecticut
2014 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Robert Pless, Washington University in St. Louis
Ideal Approximation Theory
Furuzan Ozbek, University of Kentucky
Policy-based Architectures for Network Programmability
Flavio Esposito, Exegy, Inc.
Parallel Real-Time Computing with applications in Earthquake Engineering
David Ferry, Washington University
Security as-a-Service: A Virtual Machine Approach
Zachary Estrada, University of Illinois
Math Awards Ceremony
Timothy Ray, Department of Defense
What's the Next Question?
Timothy Ray, Department of Defense
Generalized analytic functions and application to the resolution of a boundary value problem
Elodie Pozzi, University of Bordeaux- France
Understanding the Impact of At Risk Populations for Analyzing Zika Virus in Central & South American Countries
Deborah Shutt, Colorado School of Mines
A new approach to dimension reduction for multivariate time series
Chung Eun Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign