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The 2011 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Featuring Thomas Hull, Western New England College
Introduction to Linux systems
Dave Letscher, SLU
The 2010 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Featuring Michael Bender, Stony Brook University and Tokutek
Math/CS Department BBQ
Welcome back!
Soap Bubbles
Bryan Clair, SLU
Business Careers and Degrees
Jim Bast, SLU Graduate Business Programs Director
Donald Judd: The Multicolored Works
Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
Board Games
Learn some new games and play them
Cops and Robbers
Bryan Clair, SLU
Coding battle
Halloween Party
Computing and Programming in Mathematica
Kelvin Mischo, Certified Mathematica Trainer
A Mini-Mathematical Modeling Contest
David Jackson & Brody Johnson, SLU
Ann McNamara, Texas A&M
The Adobe Security Breach
Bryan Clair, SLU
Monstrous Moonshine
Charles Ford, SLU
Global Software
Kevin Scannell, SLU
Real Estate in Hyperbolic Space: Investment Opportunities for the New Millenium
Mel Slugbate, Slugbate and Mossbutter Real Estate Agency
Web Services: Evolving Web Applications
Andrew Hoog, Envision
The Topology of the Universe
Kevin Scannell, SLU
The Fourth Dimension
Dr. Michael Starbird, University of Texas, Austin
100 prisoners
Bryan Clair, SLU
Polygonal Foldings and the Fold-and-Cut Theorem
Kyle Sykes, SLU
QR Codes: A Wealth of Information
Michael Schade, SLU undergraduate
The Catenary - Part II
Bryan Clair, SLU
Officer Elections
For 2012-2013
The Hundred Prisoners
Bryan Clair, SLU
Aperiodic Tilings
Bryan Clair, SLU
Change Ringing: The Mathematical Music of Bell Towers
Daniel Bossaller, SLU
A study in de novo assembly of Spider Dragline Silk Genes.
Ian Schillebeeckx, Computational Scientist - Cofactor Genomics