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Additive representations of elements in Rings
Feroz Siddique, Saint Louis University
Decomposing Gluing maps for Heegaard Diagrams in terms of Lickorish Generators
Darren Garbuz, Saint Louis University
Burn Time: Computation and Properties
Kyle Sykes, Saint Louis University
The Lower Central Series of the Free Nilpotent Groups of Finite Rank
Mark Pedigo, Saint Louis University
Commutator conditions in normal closures of Engel groups
Christine Bussman
Admissibility of Quasiregular Representation of Exponential Solvable Lie Groups
Vignon Oussa, St. Louis University
Realizing Injective Splittings of Stable 4-Manifolds
Gerrit Smith, SLU
Explicit formulas for the exponential map for special families of deformed space forms
James J. Munden, Saint Louis University
Analysis of Gradiometer Tensor Fields of Anomalous Mass Distributions
Rob Anderson, SLU
Methods in Statistical Change-point Analysis
Robert Steward, Saint Louis University