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Homology → Submanifolds: 02

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Learning seminar open to the public. By mid-level graduate students.

  • Topology Seminar
When Tue, Sep 06, 2016
from 02:10 PM to 03:00 PM
Where 229 Ritter Hall
Contact Name
Attendees Various talks by mid-level graduate students: Seth Arnold, Jimmy Mixco, Pai Phanachet, Katie Radler.
Mentored closely by advanced graduate students: Chirasree Chatterjee, Sean Corrigan, and Gerrit Smith.
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Presentations for MATH 6980-16, covering Chapter II of Thom's famous 1954 paper on cobordism.  Click "More info" to download.

Question:  When is a homology class represented by a submanifold?

Pai Phanachet will outline some geometric procedures:

  1. simplicial complex
  2. Milnor's left approximation
  3. Homotopy Extension Property (HEP)
  4. converting a map into a cofibration
  5. Eilenberg–Maclane space
  6. Postnikov's right approximation
  7. Homotopy Lifting Property (HLP)
  8. converting a map into a fibration
For continuity, here is a link to the previous talk.

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