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Statistics Requirements

Which elementary statistics course should I take?

At SLU, the following courses that could be described as elementary statistics:

  • STAT 1100 (Previously MATH 110) - Introduction to Statistics - Basic descriptive and inferential statistics. Emphasis on becoming a smart consumer of statistics . Will include the study of examples of statistics in the medical news. Prerequisite: Two years of High School math or grade of C- or better in Intermediate Algebra. Credit not given for MATH 1300 or MATH 1260 or DSCI 2070 and STAT 1100.
  • MATH/STAT 1260 (Previously MATH/STAT 1260) - Statistics Including Sports and Politics - A SLU inquiry seminar. Producing data through the use of samples and experiments; organizing data through graphs and numbers that describe the distribution of the data of one variable or the relationship between two variables; probability; statistical inference including confidence intervals and tests of significance. Pre-requisite: 3.5 years of high school mathematics or a grade of C-or better in MATH 1200.
  • MATH/STAT 1300 (Previously MATH/STAT 1300) - Elementary Statistics with Computers - Data production and analysis; probability basics, distributions; sampling, estimation with confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, t-test; correlation and regression; crosstabulations and chi-square. Students learn to use a statistical package such as SPSS. Prerequisite: MATH-1200 or equivalent.
  • DSCI 2070 (Previously DSCI 2070) - Intro: Business Statistics - Introduction to descriptive statistics for displaying and summarizing business data; the use of probabilities and random variables in business decision models, probability distribution, statistical inference as a decision-making tool, sampling of business data, simple linear regression and correlation, time series analysis and use of index numbers in economic data. Prerequisite: MATH-1200.
  • EDR 5100 (Previously EDR 510) -  Introduction to Inferential Statistics for Educators (3)
    This course is a survey of basic statistical methods including descriptive statistics, z-tests and t-tests of means and proportions, chi-square analyses, correlation and regression analyses, and analysis of variance. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) will also be used.    


You can only get graduation credit for one of these courses.  This page is designed to help students decide which course is correct for them.  If you have a question, you should check back with your major program.


Department Preferences Notes
 Arts and Sciences
  MATH 1260 and Math 1300 fill the college core math requirement.  STAT 1100 and DSCI 2070 do not fill this requirement.
Athletic Training/Physical Therapy
Prefers STAT 1100; Allows as an option DSCI 2070 or MATH 1300
Biology MATH 1300 should be used to fill a stat requirement.
STAT 1100 does not fill any statistics requirement for biology.
Business Requires DSCI 2070
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Requires Math 1300
Graduate education programs require EDR 5100
Health Information Management
Requires Math 1300

Nuclear Medicine Technology/Radiation Therapy
Requires Math 1300
Nursing Requires STAT 1100
Occupational Therapy

Political Science
Recommends Math 1260 or Math 1300 to satisfy the college core math requirement

Pre-professional health
Recommends Math 1300
STAT 1100 does not count as a math course for pre-med scholars
Social Work
 Accepts STAT 1100, MATH 1260, and MATH 1300.




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