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SLU Programs Which Require Mathematics

An overview of the mathematics requirements of various colleges, majors, and concentrations at Saint Louis University.

This is an UNOFFICIAL list, maintained by the math department.  Be sure you check with your college or major advisor for official requirements.

Doisy College of Health Sciences

Health Sciences- College core requirement is MATH 120 or higher, but each program has added specifications.

  • Clinical Lab Sciences
    • MATH 120 College Algebra or higher, SLU Inquiry courses do not count.
  • Health Information Management -
    • MATH 120 College Algebra or higher , including the SLU Inquiry courses
    • Statistics, including STAT 110 Introduction to Statistics or MATH/STAT 130 Elementary Statistics with Computers.
  • Investigative & Medical Sciences
    • MATH 141 Pre-caclulus
    • MATH 142 Calculus I.
    • STAT 110 Introduction to Statistics.
  • Nuclear Medical Technology - Requirements vary by subprogram. General requirements are
    • MATH 120 College Algebra
    • MATH 135 Discrete Math
    • MATH/STAT 130 Elementary Statistics with Computers
  • The pre-med option requires MATH 141 (starting course) and MATH 142 in addition to the general requirements.
  • The business and health information management options requires MATH 132 in addition to the general requirements.
  • Nursing
    • STAT 110 Intro to Statistics. or MATH/STAT 130 Elem. Statistics with Computers
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
    • MATH 132 Survey of Calculus
    • Statistics: either STAT 110 or MATH/STAT 130.
  • Occupational Science
    • MATH 120 or applied math course.  Choice of math course needs written approval of the student's faculty adviser in the Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science.
  • Physical Therapy 
    • MATH 141 Pre-Calculus. This requirement is waived if the student has a math-Index of 1050 or higher, or alternatively a 28 math ACT and a B in all 4 high school math courses, including one at the level of pre-calculus. 
    • A math elective. The SLU Inquiry courses in mathematics do not count.

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Arts and Sciences, College core requirement:
  • MATH 120 College Algebra or higher.  For the general college requirement, MATH 120, MATH 122, MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 126, MATH 130, MATH 132, MATH 135, MATH 141, MATH 142, MATH 165 and MATH 266 all count.
  • Pre-medical Program
  • All pre-health students need through Calculus I (MATH 142).  Students satisfying this with AP credit should be advised that med schools generally dislike AP credit.  Pre-med scholars need to take a math course here.  If a pre-med scholar already has credit for Calculus I, MATH 130 is the preferred option for statistics. Also, the Math Department recommends MATH 165 or MATH 130 if MATH 143, Calculus II, is not required.
  • Honors Program - Note that MATH 266 is cross-listed as HR 268.
  • Biology
    • The BA requires MATH 141 Pre-calculus and recommends MATH 142 Calculus I, and a semester of statistics. 
    • The BS requires MATH 142 Calculus I and a semester of statistics and recommends MATH 143 Calculus II.
  • Chemistry 
    • Through MATH 143 Calculus II
  • Computer Science
    • Both programs require MATH 135, MATH 142, and MATH 143
    • The BA requires one additional math elective.
    • The BS requires a probability and statistics elective and two additional math courses at the 200 or higher level. 
  • Mathematics
    • Through Calc III + MATH 266 + 6 upper division courses with distribution restrictions.
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    • MATH 142 Calculus I required for BA in Environmental Science or Geology
    • MATH 143 Calculus II is required for the BS in Environmental Science or Geology. 
    • For a degree in Meteorology or Geophysics the requirements are for math through Calculus III + an assortment of upper level courses.

John Cook School of Business

The College Core requires two courses in mathematics including a course in calculus (either MATH 132 or MATH 142 or higher). Additionally the college requires a course in science and a fourth course in either math or science.

Parks College

  • Engineering Management
    • Requires through MATH 244 Calculus III.
  • Engineering Programs (Aerospace Engineering, Avionics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering)
    • All require through MATH 244 Calculus III and Differential Equations, along with a selection of other upper division math courses.
  • Physics
    • Requires through MATH 244 Calculus III and Differential Equations, along with a selection of other upper division math courses.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • Requires through MATH 143 Calculus II.
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
    • Require through MATH 143 Calculus II.
  • Flight Science
    • MATH 120 College Algebra
    • MATH 141 Pre-Calculus
    • MATH 142 Calculus I

College of Philosophy and Letters

A 3 hour course in mathematics or logic, no level specified.  The preferred option is a special course in logic developed by the philosophy department with the needs of seminarians in mind. 

College of Public Service

  • Communication Disorders - MATH 120
  • Education - Broken down by program
    • Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Ed, Special Ed, and Secondary Ed in a field other than mathematics
      • One course required from- MATH 122, MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 126, and MATH 130.
    • Elementary Ed and Middle School in a field other than mathematics
      • MATH 124 Math and the Art of MC Escher.
      • Plus one course from MATH 122, MATH 125, MATH 126, and MATH 130.
    • For Education programs:
      • MATH 120, MATH 132, MATH 141, and MATH 142 can substitute for one of the above courses.
    • Secondary Math
      • Requires through Calc III + a selection of upper division courses. (See Teachers Option for the Math Major)
    • Programs that require a CS course - CSCI 110 counts.
  • Social Service
    • STAT 110 or PSY 205 or MATH 130
  • Urban Affairs
    • An introductory course in statistics is required. Introductory courses in computer science and symbolic or mathematical logic are recommended.


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