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Statistics Concentration

Requirements for the BA in mathematics with a concentration in statistics.

Mathematics and CS Courses
  1. Calculus I, II and III (MATH 1510, 1520 and 2530)
  2. Principles of Mathematics (MATH 2660)
  3. Linear Algebra (MATH 3120)
  4. Object-Oriented Programming (CSCI 1300)
Required Statistics
  1. Foundations of Statistics (3850)
  2. Probability Theory (4800)
  3. Mathematical Statistics (4850)

Electives - Choose 2 from:

  1. Time Series (4840)
  2. Applied Regression (4870)
  3. Probability Models (4860)
  4. Machine Learning (CSCI 5750)
  5. Analysis (MATH 4210) (See note below.)
  6. Multivariable Analysis (MATH 4230) (See note below.)
  7. Other appropriate courses, as determined in consultation with advisor.



  1. MATH 4210 and 4230 are not statistics courses, but are very good preparation (and often required) for a student wishing to go to graduate school in statistics. If you are planning on graduate school, you will want to take more than the minimum requirements stated above.
  2. Students who will be seeking employment immediately after graduation would normally choose from electives 1-4.
  3. All students are encouraged to take more than the minimum required programming course. Good choices include: Data Structures (CSCI 2100), Object-Oriented Design (2300), and Databases (3710).
  4. Students are encouraged to minor in a related field or to do a double major. Related fields include business, engineering, and lab and social sciences, depending on student interest.
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