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Kings and Queens

4th dynasty
Seneferu, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, Djedefre, etc.

5th dynasty
Userkaf, Sahure, Neferirkare,  Niuserre, Djedkare Isesi, Unas, etc

6th dynasty
Teti, Userkare, Pepi I, Nemtyemsaf I, Pepi II, Nitocris, etc.

11th dynasty
Kings named Mentuhotep and Intef

12th dynasty
Amenemhet I - IV,
Senusret I-III

18th dynasty
Amenhotep I-IV,
Tuthmosis I-IV, Akhenaten, Tutankhamen, Aye, Horemheb, etc.

19th dynasty
Sety I-II, Ramesses I-II, Merenptah, Amenmesses, Tawosret.

20th dynasty
Sethnakht, Ramesses III
Ramesses IV - XI

25th dynasty
Alara, Kashta, Piye,
Shabaka, Shabataka,
Taharqa, Tanutamun, etc.

Cleopatra VII Philopator

Queens (D1-6)- Old Kingdom
Queens (D11-13) Middle Kingd.
Queens (D16-20)- New Kingdom
Queens (D21-29)- Late Period


Officials, Priesthood etc.
Viziers (New Kingdom)
High Priests of Amun
God's Wives of Amun
High Priests of Ptah
Viceroys of Nubia
Who's who of New Kingdom

Amarna Period
Queen Nefertiti
inscriptions Queen Nefertiti.
Queen Kiya

Tombs at Amarna
Houses at Amarna

Valley of the Kings,
Valley of the Queens
Theban Tombs,
Tombs at Abydos
Tombs at El Kab
Tombs in Aswan
Early dynastic Saqqara
New Kingdom Saqqara
The Unis Cemetary

Mastabas at the Giza Plateau
Giza Mastabas 1000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 2000 cemetary
Giza Mataba 2300 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 4000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 5000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 6000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 7000 cemetary

Mummy Caches
Tomb DB320
Tomb KV35

The 19-th Dynasty

New Kingdom

 Below is a table with the names of the pharaohs, their wives, children and some of the highest ranking nobles. The order in which Sety II, Amenmesse, Siptah and Tawosret occupied the throne is not certain.

There are links to individual pages for the kings and for several of the Queens. The viziers are provided with a link to the page listing the Viziers. There will also be information about these individuals on the page of the pharaoh under which they served. Similarly links are provided for the High Priests. The list of nobles is not meant to be complete. These are some of the better known individuals or at least held important positions.  Some of these high ranking nobles are interesting enough that they deserve a page of their own and maybe one day they will....

Royal Wife
Royal Children
Ramesses I Sit-re
Prince Sety

Sety I Mut-Tuya Prince Ramesses (II)

Princess Tia
Nebamun (Vizier)
Hatiay (Vizier)
Paser (Vizier)
Amenemopet (Viceroy of Kush)
Tia,  Overseer of the Treasury
Husband of Princess Tia
Nebneteru Tenry  (High Priest of Amun)

Ramses II

Prince Amenhirkhepeshef
Prince Ramesses
Prince Prehirwenemef
Prince Khaemwaset
Prince Montuhirkhepeshef
Prince Mery-Amen
Prince Sety
Prince Mery-Atum

Royal sons (click here)

Princess/Queen Bint-Anath
Princess/Queen Merytamen
Princess/Queen Nebettawy
Princess/Queen Henutmire

Royal daughters (click here)
Paser (Vizier)
Hatiay (Vizier)
(Pa)Rahotep (I and II?) (Vizier)
(High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)
Khay (Vizier)
Neferronpet (Vizier)
(High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)
Nebwenenef  (High Priest of Amun)
Bekenkhons (I)  (High Priest of Amun)
Unnefer (Wennefer)  (High Priest of Amun)
Paser  (High Priest of Amun)
Rama(ray)  (High Priest of Amun)
Huy (High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)
Pahemnetjer (High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)
Didia (High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)
Hori (High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)
Iuni (Yuni) (Viceroy of Kush)
Hekanakht (Viceroy of Kush)
Paser II (Viceroy of Kush)
Huy (Viceroy of Kush)
Setau (Viceroy of Kush)
Urihiya (general)

Temples of Ramesses II
Merneptah Isetnofret
Prince Seti-Merneptah
Prince Khaemwaset
Prince Merneptah

Princess Isetnofret (IV)
Hori (Vizier)
Panehesy (Vizier)
Messuy (Vizier) (Viceroy of Kush)
Khaemteri (Khaemtjitry) (Viceroy of Kush)
Rama(ray) (High Priest of Amun)
Hori (High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)

Seti II Takhat (II)
Prince Seti-Merneptah
Prince Siptah?
Amenmes (Vizier)
Pa-Ra-emheb (Vizier)
Hori (Vizier)
Roy (High Priest of Amun)
Iyri (High Priest of Ptah - Memphis)
Khaemteri (Khaemtjitry) (Viceroy of Kush)

Amenmesse Baketwerel
Prince Siptah?
Amenmes (Vizier)
Khaemteri (Vizier)
Hori (son of Hori) (Vizier)


Hori (son of Hori) (Vizier)
Sethy (Viceroy of Kush)
Hori (son of Kama) (Viceroy of Kush)

Prince Seti-Merneptah
Bay (Vizier)
Hori (son of Hori) (Vizier)
Hori (son of Kama) (Viceroy of Kush)




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