Giza Mastabas 4000

G4000 Hemiunu     Time of Khufu
King’s son of his body, Chief Justice and Vizier, etc. Son of Prince Nefermaat and his wife Itet, and thus grandson of Seneferu and Hetepheres I.
A tatue of Hemiunu is now in the Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim. Hemiunu is depicted in a limestone statue, ca 1.5 meters high.
"[1] Hereditary Count, Vizier), Sealbearer of the King of Lower Egypt, Guardian of Nekhen, Mouth of all (people) of Pe"
"[2] Priest of Bastet, Priest of Shesemtet, Priest of the Ram of Mendes"
"[3] Staff of Apis, Staff of the White Bull, who loves his lord"
"[4] Eldest of the Palace, 'Greatest of the Five' (in) the House of Thoth, who loves his lord, the Sole Friend"
"[5] Overseer of the Royal Scribes, ...(?), Director of the Singers of Upper and Lower Egypt, Overseer of all royal works, Bodily Son of the King, Hem-iunu."
The "Overseer of all Royal Works" has lead people to believe that HEmiunu was involved in the construction of the Pyramids.
See: Global Egyptian Museum

G4121 Ankhemre  Dyn. 5-6
Inspector of scribes of the royal documents of the granary.
False-door of deceased, and false door of Kawab Scribe of the royal documents of the granary.

G4140  Meritites?   Probably time of Khufu
A stela of Meritites is among the finds. Shaft G 4140 A: chief shaft, burial-place of Princess Merytyetes;

G4150: Yunu  Time of Khufu
King’s son, Overseer of the phylai of Upper Egypt, Greatest of the Ten of Upper Egypt.

G4160: Anonymous  Time of Khufu

G4240 Prince Sneferu-seneb  Middle Dyn. 4-5
King's son of his body, sem-priest, Boundary official of Dep, etc.

G4241 Rahotep Early Dyn. 5 (Reisner) or end of Dyn. 5 or later (Baer).

G4250: Anonymous.

G4311 Neferherenptah     Dyn. 5
Judge and Elder of the Hall.

G4340:  Anonymous.
Reserve head shows a face different from Sneferuw-seneb, but similar to heads found by Junker.

G4351 Imisetkai     1st Intermediate Period
Overseer of the department of tenants of the Great House, Overseer of the Two Houses of Weapons, Prophet of Khufu, etc.
Wife, Khuitbauinu (?) , Prophetess of Hathor Mistress-of-the-Sycamore in all her places, etc.

G4360: Mery-hetepef.   Dyn. 4-5
Judge and Boundary official.

G4410  Nishepsesnisut   Dyn 5-6
Statuettes of Nishepsesnesut Ka-servant, Overseer of linen (sSrw),
and Isi'ankh

G4411 (LG 51): Sekhem-ka.  Mid Dyn 5 or later.
Lector-priest, ma-priest of Anubis, Prophet of Horus qmA-a, etc.
Son: Min-khaf

G4420 Unknown, Nefersheshemka?
* G 4420 A Owner: Tetu, father of Nefer-seshemka (Nfr-sSm-kA)

G4430. Temp. Khephren or later.

G4440 ? Time of Khufu
name not found ; by portrait head, undoubtedly a brother of Prince Sneferu-seneb.

G4442 Ptahnebnefert    Dyn. 6 or later.
Steward, Scribe of (a) the granary, (b) the Treasury, (c) a phyle of the endowment of Mehi (probably Senedjemib,tomb G 2378).

G4461 Kapuptah        Dyn. 5
Royal acquaintance of the Great House.
Wife, Ipep
Sealing with Horus-name of Neuserre.

G4510: Sethu,
Titles:  smr waty, xrp aH, hry sStA n pr DwAt, Hry wDb Ht-anx, Hry tp Nxb.
Wife: Nub-hotep Priestess of Hathor and Neith, King’s Acquaintance. (Nm nTr Ht-Hr, Hm nTr Nt wpt wAwt mHt.t inbw, rxt nswt)
Son: Setu;    Daughter: Ptah-hepka (PtH-Hp-kA)

G4513 Neferihy. Dyn. 6

G4520 Khufu-Ankh?     Dynasty 5
Tenant of the Great House, Overseer of singers of the Great House, Overseer of flutists, etc.
Parents: Iaunesut and Iupu both Tenants,
Wife: Defat-ka Priestess of Hathor and Priestess of Neith.(Hm nTr Ht-Hr nbt nht, Hm nTr Nt wpt wAwt mHtt inbw),   Son: Mankaura-ankh   Daughter: Meritites
Contained false door of Khufu-Ankh. Found an offering basin.

G4540: Anonymous
Portrait head of a woman.

G4550 (A)  ? Time of Khufu

G4561: Kayemankh   Dyn. 6
Inspector of administrators of the Treasury, King’s wab-priest, Inspector of prophets, etc.
Wife: Theset Prophetess of Hathor Mistress-of-the-Sycamore in all her places,
and of Neith Opener-of-the-Ways, etc.
Son: Khuwiwer  

G4611 Niuty    End of Dyn. 5 or later.
Secretary of the Toilet-house, Keeper of oils of the Great House, Boundary official of (the district) ‘Star of Horus Foremost of Heaven’, etc.

G4620 Kanofer       Dyn. 5
Title King’s Scribe (sS a n nswt)

G4630  Medu-nefer,    Dyn. 5
Chief lector-priest, Scribe of divine books, sma-priest of Anubis, etc.
Inscriptions show his wife Nebka, King’s aquaintance (rxt nswt) Sons: Ankhires and Dedef?. Mother: Det?
 and his son, Ankh-ir-s,
 sS pr mDAt nTr, wab (?) priest of Anubis, (imy)-xt wr, (imy)-xt Tntt

G4631 Nensedjerka   Dyn 5.
King’s acquaintance, Priestess of Hathor, Priestess of Neith ( rxt nswt, Hm nTr Ht-Hr, Hm nTr N.t, nbt imAx Nn-sDr-kA)

G4640: Anonymous
Portrait head indicates a member of royal family.

G4646 Ity   
    Late Dyn. 6
Overseer of the department of tenants of the Great House, Companion of the house, etc.

G4650: Princess Iabtyt.     Middle or late Dyn. 4
Chapel: exterior c.b. chapel of type (ic) built or rebuilt by the Hm-kA Kay;

G4651 Kapunesut called Kai     Early to middle Dyn. 5
Overseer of ka-servants, Overseer of the houses of the King's children, Judge and Scribe of the crews, etc.
Wife: Khuitka Royal acquaintance.

G4710 (LG 49): Sethu.   Dyn. 5
Director of the Palace, Secretary of the Toilet-house, Master of the largesse in the Mansion of Life, etc.
Wife: Nubhotp Prophetess of Hathor North-of-the-Wall, etc.

G4712: Ni-ma'at-hap.  Probably first half of Dyn. 5
Seer of Horus and Seth, wrt Hts (woman).

G4714 (LG 48): Princess Neferhetepes.
 Probably first half of Dyn. 5
King's daughter of his body.

G4750: Akhy.   Temp. Menkaure
Overseer of all works of the King, Overseer of the Two Treasuries, Overseer of the royal granaries, etc.

G4761 Nufer (I)  End of Dyn. 5 or Dyn 6
Prophet of Horus mDdw (Khufu), mDd-r-nbty (nebty-name of Khufu), and Khufu, Overseer of ka-servants, etc.
Parents (probably), Kakhent and Thetit both Royal acquaintances.
Wife, Hetepmaet Royal acquaintance.
Son: Setka

G4811 + 4812: Ptah-ir-ankh,   Late Dyn. 5 or Dyn 6
Sometimes translated as Ankhirptah Overseer of the wabt, Overseer of
craftsmen of the Great House, Overseer of works of the King.

G 4840: Princess Weneshet. Middle or late Dyn.4
King’s daughter of his body, Prophetess of Neith North-of-the-Wall and of Hathor Mistress-of-the-Sycamore.
Daughters: Thenteti  and Wehemnefert
Note: Daughters are buried nearby;  probably east of tomb G 4840:
Excavated by Schiaparelli.

G4861 : Nofer.

G4911. Ankhtef       King’s Dyn. 5-6
wab-priest, Prophet of Khufu, etc.
Wife: Djefat

G4920 (LG 47): Thenty.    Early Dyn. 5 or later.
Director of the Palace, Secretary of the Toilet-house, Chief of bat, etc.

G4940 (LG 45): Seshem-nofer I  Time of Userkaf–Neferirkare,
Royal chamberlain, One belonging to the estate ‘Mansion of Har-kheper Prophet of Heket, Judge and Boundary official, etc.
Wife, Amendjefas Royal acquaintance.
Children: Pehenptah (tomb G 5280) and Raawer (tomb, probably, G 5270)

G4941 Ptahiufni     Dyn. 6
Tenant of the Pyramid of Pepy I, Carpenter of the Great Dockyard, Honoured by Hardjedef, etc.

G4970: Nesut-nofer.  Early or middle Dyn. 5
Overseer of strongholds of the Heliopolitan-East nome, Leader of the land of the Thinite and Aphroditopolite nomes, Prophet of the statue (of Khephren), etc.
Wife: Khentetka called Khent Prophetess of Hathor and Neith, etc.
Sons: Kawedj'ankh Boundary official of a frontier district, Rudju