Border Pattern Project

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  • Create one (small) design. This design should be interesting but not too complicated. A single geometric shape is not enough for instance.
  • Create 3 different border patterns with your design by introducing different symmetries.
  • The final border patterns need to be finished works. They should either be cleanly drawn in ink, or cleanly done in color.
  • Each border pattern needs to be on a separate piece of paper.
  • You must create these by hand

Turn in

  1. One page showing your design. This may be a sketch, but I do want to see a record of the design you picked.
  2. The three finished border patterns with the symmetry group identified.
  3. A short paper explaining how you created the border patterns and identifying their respective symmetry groups.

Grading Rubric


  • 5 points - for the design
  • 20 points - for the 3 border patterns (is it neatly drawn, is it a real border pattern, are all 3 different)


  • 15 points for the identification of the correct symmetry groups
  • 10 points for a clear description of your border patterns in the paper and a short discussion of what the symmetry groups must be