Ceiling Design, Department of Agriculture, The Hague

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All M.C. Escher works © Cordon Art BV - Baarn - the Netherlands.

Design for ceiling, office of the Secretary General, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Now known as the Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit (LNV)( Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality)

October 1962.

Painted in 11 shades on Vellum.

Size: 4 x 6 meters

Anneke Escher 043.jpg Anneke Escher 044.jpg Anneke Escher 045.jpg Anneke Escher 046.jpg
Escher Den Haag 042.jpg Escher Den Haag 043.jpg Escher Den Haag 044.jpg Escher Den Haag 046.jpg

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The design is disussed in Visions of Symmetry. It is based on the regular division print no. 110 (bird/fish)

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