Egyptian Numbers Exploration

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Objective: Become familiar with the Egyptian numerals.

Scene from a Theban tomb depicting weapons.

1. In the image above we see several items as depicted in a tomb.
At the top from left to right: How many sticks (there are 3 depicted, but how many does the inscription say there are)? How many shields? How many arrow holders?
At the bottom from left to right: How many whips? How many daggers? How many Khepesh (sickle) swords?

Scene from a tomb.

2. In this scene we see someone weighing cattle against gold rings. How many rings are there according to the inscription? How many cattle?
Given this information approximately how many cows could you buy with 1 gold ring?

Scene from a tomb.

3. This tomb inscription contains quite a few numerals. It seems to be a description of offerings. The numbers have been extracted from their context. Write the numbers corresponding to these Egyptian numerals in the boxes next to the inscriptions on the bottom.

Handin: A sheet with answers to all questions.