Frieze/Wallpaper Art Project

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  • Create one (small) design/motif. This design should be interesting but not too complicated. A single geometric shape is not enough for instance.
  • Create 2 different frieze patterns with your motif by introducing different symmetries.
  • Create one wallpaper pattern with your motif.
  • The final border patterns and wallpaper pattern need to be finished works. They should be neatly done in color.
  • Each pattern needs to be on a separate piece of paper.
  • You must create these by hand

Turn in

  1. One page showing your design/motif. This may be a sketch, but I do want to see a record of the design you picked.
  2. The two frieze patterns with their symmetry groups identified.
  3. The wallpaper pattern with its symmetry group identified.
  4. A short paper explaining how you created the border patterns and identifying their respective symmetry groups.

Grading Rubric


  • 62 points for the art work. Factors considered include artistic and mathematical difficulty, neatness of presentation, creativity, visual appeal, preliminary work. For example a wallpaper design that has six fold symmetry and glide reflections would earn more points than one with just translations. The rubric for this portion will be similar to that used in the symmetry art project.


  • 6 points for the identification of the correct symmetry groups
  • 6 points for clear indication of what all symmetries occur in your frieze patterns
  • 6 points for clear indication of what all symmetries occur in your wallpaper pattern