Hint for reflection problem

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To create the reflection use some strategically placed points on the object you want to reflect. Draw the mirror image of these points to help you sketch the entire reflection.

If you are having problems sketching the reflected point, then draw a perpendicular to the mirror line and mark the point that is equidistant from the mirror line but on the other side of the mirror.


In the example above several points were chosen on the letter P. Two of the perpendiculars to the mirror line are shown (dashed lines). Enough points were picked and reflected so that the mirror image of the P could be created by connecting the dots.

If the mirror line intersects the shape you want to reflect, this still works out. You will see that the original and the image after reflection intersect one another.


It may also help to fold the paper along the mirror line, which will line up the figure and its mirror image.