Lines and Line Segment Worksheet

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Objective: Learn about lines, line segments and their labels.


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1. Lines and Segments

NYpappus svg.png

a. There are a couple of lines in this picture. One of them is labeled d1. What's the label of another one?
b. There are quite a few line segments. One example is the segment A1B1. Find at least two more line segments.

2. More segments.


In this STOP sign points A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H were labeled.
Segment AB is the segment that runs right along the top of the STOP sign. It is one of 8 edges.
a. What segment runs along the bottom? (Bottom edge)
b. Name two more segments that form an edge of the STOP sign.
Notice that segment AC does not follow along the outside of the STOP sign. It lies on the inside (also called the interior).
c. Name 3 more segments that lie on the interior of the sign.
d. How many edges are there?
e. How many interior segments (also called diagonals) are there? You should draw the interior edges right on the STOP sign.

NCTM Standard: Analyze properties and determine attributes of two- and three-dimensional objects

Show Me Standards: 2. geometric and spatial sense involving measurement (including length, area, volume), trigonometry, and similarity and transformations of shapes