Recognizing Polygons Worksheet

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Objective: Learn about polygons as they occur in the real world.

Polygons show up everywhere in the world around us. Below we will look at several shapes and identify what polygon it is.

1. Road Signs - If you are or have been studying for your drivers license these may look familiar. What polygon shapes are these signs?

Stop-polygon.jpg Yield sign.jpg Child-crossing.jpg

a. The stop sign is an ___ -gon, also known as an ____________________

b. The Yield Sign is a triangle, but what kind? Circle yes or no:
Is it an acute triangle? yes no
Is it a right triangle? yes no
Is it an obtuse triangle? yes no
Is it an equilateral triangle? yes no

c. What kind of polygon is the children crossing sign? ______________________________________

2. Here are 3 different roadsigns. What kind of polygons are they?

Funny road sign.jpg


3. Tiles - Another place where we see a lot of polygons is in tile work.

Wuppertal Vohwinkel - Rathaus 07.jpg Sydney-tiles.jpg

What kind of polygons do you see here? You should be able to identify at least 3 different kinds.


4. Fence work - Some wire fences have patterns that are shaped like polygons. Grillage.jpg

What polygons do you see in the fences drawn here? There should be at least 4!