Reflections and Rotations Worksheet

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K-12: Materials at high school level.

Objective: To compare examples of reflectional and rotational symmetry.


Materials: A print out of this worksheet.

1. Do these pictures have reflectional symmetry, rotational symmetry, or both? (circle your answer)


2. Think of the alphabet. Look at all of the letters below. For each letter, circle if it has reflectional or rotational symmetry. Don't forget that reflectional symmetry can be vertical (up and down) and horizontal (side to side). Some letters don't have any symmetry at all! If there is not symmetry, don't circle anything. If the letter has both, circle both answers!


Show Me Standards: 2. Geometric and spatial sense involving measurement (including length, area, volume), trigonometry, and similarity and transformations of shapes.

NCTM Standard: Apply transformations and use symmetry to analyze mathematical situations.

Created by Alyssa Kernen