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Anneke -

I noticed you added a couple of new Escher artwork. Take a little closer look at the standard form (I've updated Knots as an example). To add web links, you can use the built in sites (like "official") in the template, or you just put them after the template as in the Knots page. If you click the "Edit" link in the Web Availability section, you end up editing the template, and any changes there affect every Escher artwork - so the link you added appeared on all of his work, not just Knots.

Also, if you're going to add Escher Artwork, you should add the illustration number in Magic or page number in VOS if it's in those books. At some point I'll go through and do some of his other books, but those two I'm trying to completely finish as I go. It's easy using the template, and later I believe I can reverse-index so on the book page there's a list of all the illustrations for that book.

Try to hew to the standard format I'm using for size info and style types (using the exact types automatically creates links)

Read over the Style Guide and in particular, the discussion page for the template: Template_talk:Escher_Artwork

Bryan 02:42, 15 May 2007 (CDT)


Sorry about that. I had been meaning to go back and fix the artwork reference and add the pages for VOS and Magic. I did print out the style guide, so I can be sure to "stay with the program".