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I've made quite a few changes to this, but hopefully it will still work well for everyone. I re-wrote the beginning to be more direct about first asking questions for Euclidean geometry, then having them work on the sphere. I reworked the Polygon section a bit, retitled it, and (most offensively, perhaps) took out the question about equilateral triangles and their corner angles. Seems like that gets covered pretty well later in Spherical Easel Exploration or Spherical Triangles Exploration.

I also ditched the question about triangles with AAA, SAS, SSS, etc. My students never got there anyway.

Also, this is now one of the longest Explorations, so I changed the expected time (which was only set to 30 minutes!).

Finally, I fixed up the solutions page to match the new questions. It was actually at least two revisisons out of date anyway. Bryan 11:38, 26 October 2011 (CDT)