Worksheet for Cathedral trip

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  • digital camera - at least one per group

At the Basilica, your assignment is to find two interesting examples of rosettes , of border patterns and of wallpaper patterns.(So six all together.)

You and your team mate(s) will create a document showing photographs of the six patterns you chose, with a description. You should clearly explain what kind of symmetry group each pattern has and why. You will create a line drawing of the patterns and indicate the translations, rotations, reflections, and glide reflections on them. You will need to include the drawings as well in your document.

Grading Rubric:

  • Organization of the document.
  • Correctly identified the rosette, border and wallpaper patterns
  • Mention where the patterns are located within the church
  • Accurate description of the patterns. This includes a line drawing of the pattern with the symmetries sketched in.
  • Correctly assigned the symmetry group to the patterns
  • Quality of photographs and drawings.