Cathedral Basilica Field Trip and Poster Assignment

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  • digital camera - at least one per group

At the Basilica, your assignment is to find interesting examples of a rozette, a border pattern and a wallpaper pattern.

You and your team mate(s) will create a poster/website showing photographs of the three patterns you chose, with a description. You should clearly explain what kind of symmetry group each pattern has and why. You will create a line drawing of the patterns and indicate the translations, rotations, reflections, and glide reflections on them. You will need to photograph the drawings as well to include them on your page.

Grading Rubric:

  • Organization of the poster website.
  • Correctly identified the rozette, border and wallpaper pattern
  • Mention where the patterns are located within the church
  • Accurate description of the patterns. This includes a line drawing of the pattern with the symmetries sketched in.
  • Correctly assigned the symmetry group to the patterns

We will be using PBWorks - an educational Wiki - to create the poster/webpage.
The site is located at [Geometry at PBWorks]

I will use this Poster Grading Rubric