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  • written statements, "why are you taking the course, or whatever"
  • free time, look at Escher in offical site galleries
  • what's neat about Escher?
    • infinity
    • impossible figures
    • evolving shapes
  • tesselation implies geometry (ex: http://www.mcescher.com/ > Galleries > Switzerland and Belgium > Development II)
  • what is a tessellation?
    • polygon
      • closed
      • straight sides
      • non-self-intersecting
    • repeated images (required only for "regular" tessellations)
      • translation
      • rotation
      • reflection
    • no gaps
    • vertices meet vertices


  • broke into groups to work on Quadrilaterals Exploration
    • all groups finished question 1
    • some success with question 2, most groups had some false starts


  • finished up Quadrilaterals Exploration in 10-15 minutes, turned it in
  • began Tessellations Exploration
    • did first part of question 1--"non-proper" triangle tessellations--as a whole (after some exploring)
    • most groups needed hints with question 2 (rhombuses)
    • groups more or less finished questions 1-4; rest to be done next time