Course:Harris, Fall 07: Diary Week 9

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  • Spherical Exercises:
    • last week's (1, 3-8) are due this week on Friday
    • this week's (12-16) are due next week on Monday
  • Spherical Explorations:
    • groups continued work on last week's (Easel, Geometry, Polygons)
    • this week's (Isometry) was handed out
    • all (last week's and this week's) are due this week on Friday


  • mentioned corrections in #6 and #7 of Spherical Geometry: Isometry Exploration
  • groups continued work on all Spherical Explorations (including corrections of ones handed back last time)
  • collected last week's Spherical Exercises (1, 3-8)
  • since no time to discuss spherical geometry in class yet, this week's Spherical Exercises (12-16) are not due until Wednesday of next week
  • the question about AAA in Geometry amounts to this: In a sphere, is it possible (like it is on the plane) to "blow up" a triangle proportionately, keeping all angles the same?