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<li>Homework: 15%</li>
<li>Homework: 15%</li>
<li>Attendance and in-class work: 15%</li>
<li>Attendance and in-class work: 15%</li>
<li>Projects (5): 4% each</li>
<li>Projects (4): 5% each</li>
** Project 1: border pattern
** Project 1: [[Symmetric Art Project]]
** Project 2: wallpaper pattern
** Project 2: [[Tessellation Art Project Lite]]
** Project 3: spherical geometry
** Project 3: [[Non-Euclidean Art Project]]
** Project 4: hyperbolic geometry
** Project 4: [[Math and Art Project]]
** Project 5: art appreciation topic of your choice
<li>Exams(2): 10% each</li>
<li>Exams(2): 10% each</li>
<li>Final: 30% </li>
<li>Final: 30% </li>

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Course Information


  • Class Meets: MWF 9-9:50 in RH 225
  • Instructor: Anneke Bart
    • Office: Ritter Hall 115
    • Office Hours: TBA and by appointment.
    • Email: barta@slu.edu
  • Prerequisite: 3 years of high school mathematics or Math 120 (College Algebra).


  • Attendance is required. You will have in-class work to be done in groups. One unexcused absence is allowed. Six absences will cause you to lose two letter grades. I only excuse absences when presented with official documentation.
  • Homework will be due weekly. Your work should be neat, legible, and stapled. Cooperation is good, but write up results separately. Late homework is always accepted, but I will not write comments and will automatically give a score of 5 (out of 10) if the work is of reasonable quality.
  • Exams. I give makeup exams only for severe and documented reasons.
    • Exam 1:
    • Exam 2:
    • Final:
  • Grading is on a straight scale, with 90%,80%,70%,60% guaranteeing A,B,C,D. Grading is weighted as follows:


The main text for this course is the Math and the Art of MC Escher online book, at http://math.slu.edu/escher

Also required for the course is D. Schattschneider, Visions of Symmetry. H. Abrams 2004, available at the university bookstore. The paperback 1990 edition is also acceptable.