Course:SLU MATH 124: Math and Escher - Spring 2011 - Dr. Anneke Bart

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Course Information


  • Class Meets: TTh 2:15-3:30 in RH 316
  • Instructor:
    • Anneke Bart
    • Office: Ritter Hall 115
    • Office Hours: TTh 1-2 or by appointment.
    • Email:
  • Prerequisite: 3 years of high school mathematics or Math 120 (College Algebra).


  • Attendance is required. You will have in-class work to be done in groups. One unexcused absence is allowed. Six absences will cause you to lose two letter grades. I only excuse absences when presented with official documentation.
  • Homework will be due weekly. Your work should be neat, legible, and stapled. Cooperation is good, but write up results separately. Late homework is always accepted, but I will not write comments and will automatically give a score of 5 (out of 10) if the work is of reasonable quality.
  • Exams. I give makeup exams only for severe and documented reasons.
    • Exam 1:
    • Exam 2:
    • Final: Thursday May 12, 2:00-3:50
  • Grading is on a straight scale, with 90%,80%,70%,60% guaranteeing A,B,C,D. Grading is weighted as follows (a total of 1200 points):
    • Homework: 200 points
    • Attendance and in-class work: 200 points
    • Projects (2): 100 points each
    • Exams(2): 150 points each
    • Final: 300 points


The main text for this course is the Math and the Art of MC Escher online book, at

Also required for the course is D. Schattschneider, Visions of Symmetry. H. Abrams 2004, available at the university bookstore. The paperback 1990 edition is also acceptable.