Egyptian Numbers Exploration

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Scene from a Theban tomb depicting weapons.

1. In the image above we see several items as depicted in a tomb.
At the top from left to right: How many sticks (there are 3 depicted, but how many does the inscription say there are)? How many shields? How many arrow holders?
At the bottom from left to right: How many whips? How many daggers? How many Khepesh (sickle) swords?

Scene from a tomb.

2. In this scene we see someone weighing cattle against (gold?) rings. How many rings are there according to the inscription? How many cattle?

Scene from a tomb.

3. This tomb inscription contains quite a few numerals. It seems to be a description of offerings. The numbers have been extracted from their context. Write the numbers corresponding to these Egyptian numerals in the boxes next to the inscriptions on the bottom.