Frieze Names Exploration

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Learn alternate names for the seven Frieze groups

John Conway is one of the most famous mathematicians of this era. He drew the seven “feet” pictures on the next page and used them to give entertaining names to the seven frieze groups.

  1. Find the symmetries for each of Conway’s pictures and figure out which IUC names correspond to Conway’s names. Write the IUC names under the Conway names for each picture. (For example, the “jump” corresponds to “p1m1”).
  2. Get out of your chair and perform all seven of the Conway steps. Which is the hardest?

Now run the computer program Kali.

  1. Play around with the different frieze symmetry groups. Make one frieze pattern you’re proud of and print it out. Write the IUC name of the symmetry group you used on the printed pattern.
  2. Make a list of all seven IUC names and the corresponding names used by Kali.