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Geometry in Art and in the Real World in General

Geometry is said to study "the properties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids". Our approach in this course is to study those lines, surfaces and other geometric objects and show how they appear everywhere in the world around us.

We will explore geometry as it is found in art, in road signs, in patterns we find in buildings, and in may other places.

To the student: You will be asked to do some reading, so that you can learn some of the material at your own pace. We try to include plenty of pictures to help you understand what we are talking about. Feel free to ask your teacher if something is not quite clear though!

After reading the materials (either online or after your teacher printed them out for you) you will be asked to work on some worksheets. Feel free to go back to the reading to help you answer the questions.

Course Materials

Introduction to Geometry