Impossible Exploration

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Objective: Explore impossible objects in Escher's work.

  1. Try this Animated Necker cube applet by Mark Newbold.
  2. What’s wrong with Waterfall (Magic of M.C. Escher #195)?
  3. What’s wrong with Ascending and Descending (Magic of M.C. Escher #242)?
  4. Belvedere (Magic of M.C. Escher #235) contains many impossibilities. Describe as many as you can.
  5. What's going on in Convex and Concave (Magic of M.C. Escher #201)? What depth cues are ambiguous here? The picture has two parts which are perfectly fine by themselves, but which disagree when combined. Where are the two parts?

Handin: A sheet with answers to all questions.