Recognizing Polygons Worksheet

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Polygons show up everywhere in the world around us. Below we will look at several shapes and identify what polygon it is.

1. Road Signs - If you are or have been studying for your drivers license these may look familiar. What polygon shapes are these signs?

Stop-polygon.jpg Yield sign.jpg Child-crossing.jpg

a. The stop sign is an ___ -gon, also known as an ____________________

b. The Yield Sign is a triangle, but what kind? Circle yes or no:
Is it an acute triangle? yes no
Is it a right triangle? yes no
Is it an obtuse triangle? yes no
Is it an equilateral triangle? yes no

c. What kind of polygon is the children crossing sign? ______________________________________

2. Here are 3 different roadsigns. What kind of polygons are they?

Funny road sign.jpg


3. Tiles - Another place where we see a lot of polygons is in tile work.

Wuppertal Vohwinkel - Rathaus 07.jpg Sydney-tiles.jpg

What kind of polygons do you see here? You should be able to identify at least 3 different kinds.


4. Fence work - Some wire fences have patterns that are shaped like polygons. Grillage.jpg

What polygons do you see in the fences drawn here? There should be at least 4!