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This is just one of many possible course outlines. The course outlined below was taught in 2004. This course met three times a week for 15 weeks.

Construction.png This section is unfinished.

Week 1 - Euclidean Geometry

Read the introduction.

Week 2 - Symmetry

Read section about symmetry Read Schattschneider page 1-19

Week 3 - Basic Tessellations

Labor Day Holiday - day off Read Schattschneider page 19-34

Week 4- More Tessellations

Read Schattschneider page 34-52

Week 5 - Escher’s tessellation

Read intro to tessellations. Read section about Escher's Tessellations

Week 6 - Border Patterns, Wallpaper Groups

Read section about Border Patterns

Week 7 - Basilica visit and Project 1

Work on proposals for the Project. Have students brain storm in class. Discuss the fieldtrip to the Basilica Cathedral.

Week 8 - Exam

Fall Break Exam 1

Week 9 - Spherical Geometry

Do the Spherical Geometry Exploration to introduce the main ideas from Spherical Geometry. Another approach to an introduction is the Spherical Easel Exploration. Further explorations: Spherical Geometry: Polygons Read the section on Spherical Geometry

Week 10 - Hyperbolic Geometry

Read the section on Hyperbolic Geometry

Week 11 - Non-Euclidean Geometry

Reader: 134-146

Week 12 - Fractals

Exam 2

Week 13 - Fractals, 2 and 3 dimensions

Week 14 - The 4th dimension

Thanksgiving Holiday - Days off

Week 15 - The 4th dimension