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Wow... you put a lot of work in here.

I'd suggest the articles section get some organization like the web links section did, with topical areas in their own sections.

Also, my feeling is that some of the more topic-specific websites don't belong here. For example, Spherical Easel should be (and is) linked from the Spherical Geometry page, and should not be here. What do you think?

Bryan 01:32, 2 May 2007 (CDT)

Thanks :)

I agree with the remark that the article section should be organized. I will do that at some point.

I would like to keep the references I added here. It may be true that some of the references are embedded in the text, but I see this more as an overall reference page for this project. What you discribe is more of a "further reading" section?

Just my thoughts... Barta