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This page should be renamed to end with "Exploration". That said, it probably needs a shorter name to make that work. Since these aren't actually Escher's "prints", but his sketches, the name and the word "print" should be changed to "drawing" or "sketch"

References to page numbers in Visions of Symmetry should change. Instead, use the sketch template to get: Sketch #3 (weightlifters).

Use the VOS template to get Visions of Symmetry. Not so impressive now, but could later link to more info about the book. Plus, it's a lot easier to type {{VOS}} than Visions of Symmetry everytime. --Bryan 22:42, 20 March 2007 (CDT)

Comment about sketch #12 Note that this sketch of butterflies is tricky! There are several symmetries that are "almost" there. The reflections do not extend over the entire tessellation, and there is not quite 4-fold symmetry. (The decorations on the wings don't work and there's a problem with how the wings overlap as well)