Tessellation Art Project Student Examples

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This is not meant to be a complete list of all the tessellations done by our students, but these are examples of tessellations that all have something extra.

What makes for a good tessellation is not always amazing artistic skills, but more often the thought that has clearly gone into creating these works. Most of the examples here show work that is based on something that grabbed the studet's attention. This can be a love for music, a book they just read, a culture they admire, or just a shape that fired their imagination.


The tessellation named Totempole is based on one of the pentomino tessellations. There is a clever use of lighter and darker drawn totempoles which adds to the visual appeal of this tessellation.


This tessellation is also based on a pentomino tiling.


This tessellation shows a dwarf, a princess and a chalice. These motifs come from a story by Hesse. The tessellation was created with the use of a computer.


Kirk Hinkelman was a music major and he incorporated that into this tessellation.


This is one tile of a much larger tessellation. A love of photography was the motivation behind this tessellation.