The Alhambra and The Alcazar (Spain)

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The Palaces

The Alhambra and Reales Alcázeres are palaces in Spain dating to the 14th century. The rulers who had these building constructed were Moors and hence Moslims. Their art consists to a large degree of geometric designs.

The Alhambra and Reales Alcázeres
Palace1.jpg Palace2.jpg
The Palace as seen from the yard Pillars
Palace3.jpg Palace4.jpg
Palace Window Wall with decorations


Escher in Het Paleis
Rozette1.jpg Rozette2.jpg
C2 Rozette C4 Rozette
Rozette3.jpg Rozette4.jpg
Rozette Rozette

Border Patterns

Escher in Het Paleis
Alhambra-border1.jpg Alhambra-border2.jpg
Border Border
Border Patterns
Border4.jpg Border-5.jpg
Border Border

Wallpaper Patterns

Escher in Het Paleis
Alhambra-border1.jpg Museum2.jpg Head.jpg Colored-landscape.jpg
Border A close up of the Day and Night print A head Landscape
Borderpattern.jpg Tile.jpg Square-prints2.jpg Square prints.jpg
Border Patterns A mosaic tile Square Prints Square Prints
Sphere.jpg Tin-can.jpg Escher-woodblock.jpg Escher-woodblock2.jpg
Carved Sphere Tin Can Woodblock Woodblock