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Objective: Find at least two instances where artwork either uses geometry or displays concepts of geometry

Visit the Saint Louis Art Museum and carefully look at the art now that you have had a course in geometry. Write two short papers about artworks that either used geometry or can be understood in terms of geometry. Your two examples should relate to two different topics.

  • Each of your two papers should each be 1-2 pages, typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.
  • Describe the artwork you are discussing (note in what gallery it is on display).
  • Explain what type of geometry we see in the art.

You should choose two examples from the following topics

  • Basic Geometric Shapes
  • Rosette, Border or Wallpaper Patterns
  • Perspective
  • Impossible Figures
  • The Fourth Dimension
  • Knot Theory
  • Fractals

Some Remarks

Look around you in the museum. Notice the patterns on the floor for instance.

You can pick 2 objects to discuss, but you could also write about the geometry found in African Art, or the geometry found in Maya Art. You might look at the geometry found in decorative glassware. This approach would allow you use combine the two papers into one. Use your imagination. Check with me if your approach is the right one. The point of the exercise is to see where geometry is used in art, and have some fun with the material.

I will be at the museum at a date to be determined later to give you a tour and help give you some ideas.


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