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Kings and Queens

4th dynasty
Seneferu, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, Djedefre, etc.

11th dynasty
Kings named Mentuhotep and Intef

12th dynasty
Amenemhet I - IV,
Senusret I-III

18th dynasty
Amenhotep I-IV,
Tuthmosis I-IV, Akhenaten, Tutankhamen, Aye, Horemheb, etc.

19th dynasty
Sety I-II, Ramesses I-II, Merenptah, Amenmesses, Tawosret.

20th dynasty

Sethnakht, Ramesses III
Ramesses IV - XI

25th dynasty
Alara, Kashta, Piye,
Shabaka, Shabataka,
Taharqa, Tanutamun, etc.

Cleopatra VII Philopator

Queens (D1-6)- Old Kingdom
Queens (D11-13) Middle Kingd.
Queens (D16-20)- New Kingdom
Queens (D21-29)- Late Period


Officials, Priesthood etc.
Viziers (New Kingdom)
High Priests of Amun
God's Wives of Amun
High Priests of Ptah
Viceroys of Nubia
Who's who of New Kingdom

Amarna Period
Queen Nefertiti
inscriptions Queen Nefertiti.
Queen Kiya

Tombs at Amarna
Houses at Amarna

Valley of the Kings,
Valley of the Queens
Theban Tombs,
Tombs at Abydos
Tombs at El Kab
Tombs in Aswan
Early dynastic Saqqara
New Kingdom Saqqara
The Unis Cemetary

Mastabas at the Giza Plateau
Giza Mastabas 1000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 2000 cemetary
Giza Mataba 2300 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 4000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 5000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 6000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 7000 cemetary

Mummy Caches
Tomb DB320
Tomb KV35



Horus name: Neferkhau
Nebty name: Neferkhau
Golden Falcon name: Hornebu
Prenomen: Merykare
Nomen: Aspelta

(593-568 BCE)

Son of Queen Nasalsa and likely a son of Senkamenisken. Buried in Pyramid 8 at Nuri. The sarcophagus of King Aspelta was found in his tomb. It is now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (23.729) (link to image).

  • Henut-takheb ? King’s Sister , King’s Daughter, King’s Mother. Daughter (adopted?) of Aspelta and Madiken and mother of an unknown Kushite King. (Dodson Hilton) Other sources may have Henuttakheb as a daughter of Anlamani and Madiqen and as wife of Aspelta. Appears in inscription from the time of Aspelta showing her investiture as a priestess and possibly adoption by Madiqen? (The Kingdom of Kush: Handbook of the Napatan-Meroitic Civilization by László Török – 1997)
  • Asata? A queen Asata is mentioned on a heart scarab found in Nuri pyramid 17. Time of Aspelta. Now in the Museum of Fine arts in Boston (20.643) Buried in Nuri 42.
  • Artaha. Queen, buried in Nuri 58. Known from a shabti.
  • Meqemale? Queen, possibly wife of Aspelta. Buried in Nuri 40.
  • Amtalqa

  • Akhe(qa?) Queen. Buried in Nuri 38. Daughter of Aspelta and Henuttakhebit ?. Sister-wife of Amtalqa.
  • Amanitakaye Queen. Buried in Nuri 26. Daughter of Aspelta. Sister-wife of Amtalqa. Mother of Malenaqen.

Ka shaped offering block with the name of Aspelta

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