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Kings and Queens

4th dynasty
Seneferu, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, Djedefre, etc.

11th dynasty
Kings named Mentuhotep and Intef

12th dynasty
Amenemhet I - IV,
Senusret I-III

18th dynasty
Amenhotep I-IV,
Tuthmosis I-IV, Akhenaten, Tutankhamen, Aye, Horemheb, etc.

19th dynasty
Sety I-II, Ramesses I-II, Merenptah, Amenmesses, Tawosret.

20th dynasty

Sethnakht, Ramesses III
Ramesses IV - XI

Cleopatra VII Philopator

Queens (D1-6)- Old Kingdom
Queens (D11-13) Middle Kingd.
Queens (D16-20)- New Kingdom
Queens (D21-29)- Late Period


Officials, Priesthood etc.
Viziers (New Kingdom)
High Priests of Amun
God's Wives of Amun
High Priests of Ptah
Viceroys of Nubia
Who's who of New Kingdom

Amarna Period
Queen Nefertiti
inscriptions Queen Nefertiti.
Queen Kiya

Tombs at Amarna
Houses at Amarna

Valley of the Kings,
Valley of the Queens
Theban Tombs,
Tombs at Abydos
Tombs at El Kab
Tombs in Aswan
Early dynastic Saqqara
New Kingdom Saqqara
The Unis Cemetary

Mastabas at the Giza Plateau
Giza Mastabas 1000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 2000 cemetary
Giza Mataba 2300 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 4000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 5000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 6000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 7000 cemetary

Mummy Caches
Tomb DB320
Tomb KV35


Prince Prehirwenemef

Fanbearer on the King’s Right hand, 1st Lieutenant of the Army, King’s Son of his Body, Master of the Horses, First charioteer of His Majesty.

Prehirwenemef was a son of Ramses and Nefertari. He is the third son in the processions shown on the different monuments. Amenhirkhepeshef was his older brother. He had younger brothers by the names of Meryre and Mery-Atum. Prehirwenemef grew up with at least two full sisters: Merytamen and Henuttawy.

He is depicted in the triumph that followed Kadesh. On a Karnak statue base there is mention of a woman named Wadjyt-kha’ti.
Prehirwenemef is not depicted on the facade of the great temple of Abu Simbel. He is however shown inside in war related scenes with his brothers Amenhirkhepeshef and Ramesses riding a chariot into battle. Prehirwenemef is depicted on the facade of the smaller temple of Abu Simbel. Small statues depicting Prehirwenemef are shown flanking Ramesses II.

Amenhirkhepeshef, Ramesses, and Prehirwenemef at the Ramesseum
(Photo by Sesen)

Battle and War related Scenes:

I. Battle of Kadesh from Year 5.
Episode I: the Camp & Council of War
Episode II: the Battle
Episode III: Captives and Spoils presented to the King

The Princes Hor-hir-wenemef, Meryre and Sety are shown leading prisoners.
Episode IV: Presentation of Spoils to the Gods
We see 12 princes leading prisoners before the Gods:
i. Amenhirkhepeshef, Fanbearer on the King's Right [hand], Royal scribe, Generalissimo and King's Son - [name of prisoners lost]
ii. Ramesses, Royal scribe, Generalissimo and [bodily] King's Son [beloved of him] -  Maryannu-warriors of the despicable Naharina.
iii. <Pre-hir-wenemef>, [First Charioteer of] his Majesty, Royal scibe, Superintendent of the Horse - Maryannu-warriors of Aleppo
iv. Khaemwaset, [Presenting tribute af]ter His Majesty, by the King's Son - Sons of chiefs of the Hatti-land.
v. Montu-hir-khepeshef, Presenting tribute after His Majesty, by the King's Son - Maryannu-warriors of Gasgas
vi. Nebenkhurru, Presenting tribute after His Majesty, by the King's Son - Maryannu-warriors of Alshe, Ugarit, Nuhasse.
vii. Meryamun, Presenting tribute after His Majesty, by the King's Son - Maryannu-warriors of Dardanaya
viii. Amenemwia, Presenting tribute after His Majesty, by the King's Son - Troops of Masa, (and) warriors of Lukku.
ix. Setepenre, Presenting tribute after His Majesty, by the King's Son - [...]
x. Sethy, Presenting tribute after His Majesty, by the King's Son - Footsoldiers of Carchemish.
xi. Meryre, Presenting tribute after His Majesty, by the King's Son - [...]
xii. Merenptah, Presenting tribute [by the Delegate on the Throne of] Geb, Senior King's Son - Footsoldiers of Ugarit.

II. Luxor, Forecourt, W. Wall: N. Side, Bottom register.
A. King shoots at Fort
(In the land of Qode, in the district of Naharina).
B. King receives Prisoners led in by his Sons:
i. Four Princes Leading Prisoners: Amen-hir-khepeshef, Ramesses, Pre-hir-wenemef and Khaemwaset.
ii. Princes Attending on the King:
Khaemwaset, Montu-hir-wenemef, Nebenkhurru, Meryamun, Amenemwia, and Setepenre.
iii. Princes with Prisoners:
Meryamun, Amenemwia, Setepenre, and Sety.
iv. Princes with Prisoners
- Kneeling Princes: Meryre, Hor-hir-wenemef
- Running Princes: Amenhotep, Merenptah.


Abu Simbel: Ramesses followed by Amenhirkhepeshef, Ramesses and Prehirwenemef.
Abu Simbel: One of the princes on the facade of the small temple.


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