Ancient Egypt


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Kings and Queens

4th dynasty
Seneferu, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, Djedefre, etc.

11th dynasty
Kings named Mentuhotep and Intef

12th dynasty
Amenemhet I - IV,
Senusret I-III

18th dynasty
Amenhotep I-IV,
Tuthmosis I-IV, Akhenaten, Tutankhamen, Aye, Horemheb, etc.

19th dynasty
Sety I-II, Ramesses I-II, Merenptah, Amenmesses, Tawosret.

20th dynasty

Sethnakht, Ramesses III
Ramesses IV - XI

Cleopatra VII Philopator

Queens (D1-6)- Old Kingdom
Queens (D11-13) Middle Kingd.
Queens (D16-20)- New Kingdom
Queens (D21-29)- Late Period


Officials, Priesthood etc.
Viziers (New Kingdom)
High Priests of Amun
God's Wives of Amun
High Priests of Ptah
Viceroys of Nubia
Who's who of New Kingdom

Amarna Period
Queen Nefertiti
inscriptions Queen Nefertiti.
Queen Kiya

Tombs at Amarna
Houses at Amarna

Valley of the Kings,
Valley of the Queens
Theban Tombs,
Tombs at Abydos
Tombs at El Kab
Tombs in Aswan
Early dynastic Saqqara
New Kingdom Saqqara
The Unis Cemetary

Mastabas at the Giza Plateau
Giza Mastabas 1000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 2000 cemetary
Giza Mataba 2300 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 4000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 5000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 6000 cemetary
Giza Mastaba 7000 cemetary

Mummy Caches
Tomb DB320
Tomb KV35


Queens of Ancient Egypt

Third Intermediate Period

Late Period

The names of these Queens and the titles have been taken mailny from:
Dodson and Hilton: The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt
Tyldesley: Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt.

These books have much more detailed information about these Queens :)

Third Intermediate Period

High Priests of Amun (Thebes):

Nodjemet: Wife of Piankh and Herihor. Possibly a daughter of the High Priest of Amun Amenhotep? Daughter of Lady Herere. Mother of Pinudjem I. She technically was never a Queen of Egypt, but carried the title of Great Royal
Titles:  Chief of the Harem of Amun, Great King’s Wife (hmt-niswt-wrt), Lady of The Two Lands (nbt-t3wy), King’s Mother (mwt-niswt)

Henuttawy: Wife of Pinudjem I. Possibly a daughter of Ramesses XI? Mother of Psusennes I, Masaharta, Menkheperre and the princesses Maatkare (and Maybe mutnodjemet).
Titles:  Chief of the Harem of Amun, Great King’s Wife (hmt-niswt-wrt), Lady of The Two Lands (nbt-t3wy), King’s Mother (mwt-niswt), King’s Daughter (s3t-niswt), Daughter of the King's Great Wife.
Mummy dound in DB320. Embalmers had packed the skin with a mixture of sawdust and resin to give the mummy a more life-like appearance. The skin had unfortunately ruptured due to this process. Dr. Iskander restored the mummy to its original form. (See link on page below.)Duathathor-Henttawy-A

Isetemkheb I: Secondary Queen of Pinudjem I

Tentnabekhenu: Secondary Queen of Pinudjem I

Nesikhonsu: Wife of Pinudjem II, buried in DB320 She was the daughter of the High Priest of Amun Nesibanebdjedet and his wife Tahentdjehuty. She held the titles: "first chief of the concubines of Amen-Re, King of the Gods, majordomo of the house of Mut the great, lady of Ashru; prophetess of Anhur-Shu the son of Re; prophetess of Min, Horus, and Isis in Ipu; prophetess of Horus, lord of Diuef; god's mother of Khons the child, first one of Amen-Re, King of Gods; and chief of the noble ladies".
    Buried in DB320 in year 5 of Siamun. Her burial included a religious decree that was to ensure her well-being in the next world, as well as prevent her from doing harm to her husband and children from there (!). Her children include Tjanefer (II), Masaharta (III), Itawy and Nesitanebtashru.

Isetemkheb III
: Wife of Pinudjem II, buried in DB320 Her coffins, canopics and other funerary equipment were buried with her. A much earlier set of her coffins were reused for the burial of Nesikhonsu. DB320 may be her original place of burial.Isiemkheb

21th Dynasty - Tanis

Tentamun: Wife of Nesibanebdjed (Smendes). Daughter of Ramesses XI?
Titles: ?

Mutnodjemet: Wife of Psusennes I. Possibly a daughter of Pinudjem I and Henuttawy?
Titles: Great King’s Wife (hmt-niswt-wrt), King’s Daughter (s3t-niswt), King’s Sister (snt-niswt), Lady of The Two Lands (nbt-t3wy), Second Prophet of Amun.

Wiay: Wife of Psusennes I. Mother of the King's Daughter Isetemkheb. Her daughter later married the High Priest of Amun Menkheperre and was the mother of Pinedjem II.

22nd Dynasty - Libyan Dynasty

Karomama I: Wife of Shoshenq I and mother of Osorkon I

Penreshnes Secondary wife of Shoshenq I and mother of Nimlot

Tashedkhonsu: She was a secondary Queen of Osorkon I and the mother of Takelot I

Maatkare: Wife of Osorkon I and daughter of Psusennes II, mother of Shoshenq II

Nesitanebetashru: Wife of  Shoshenq II. Mother of the High Priest of Amun Harsiese who would later proclaim himself King.

Kapes: Wife of Takelot I and mother of Osorkon II.

Isetemkheb IV: Wife of Osorkon III

Djedmutesankh: Wife of Osorkon III

Karomama II: Sister-Wife of Osorkon III

Tadibast: Wife of Shoshenq III

Tentamenopet: Wife of Shoshenq III

Djedbastiusankh: Wife of Shoshenq III

23rd Dynasty

Karoma III Merymut:  Possibly wife of Seshonq IV. Mother of Osorkon III.

Karoatjet: Wife of Osorkon III and mother of the God's Wife of Amun Shepenwepet I.

Tentsai: Wife of Osorkon III and mother of Takelot III.

Irbastnubnefru: Wife of the King of Heracleopolis Payeftjauenbastet. Daughter of King Rudamun.

24th Dynasty

 Not much is known about the Queens from this royal family.

25th Dynasty - Nubian Dynasty

Tabiry, King’s Daughter and King’s Wife. Daughter of Alara and wife of Piye. She held some interesting titles: Main King’s Wife (the only other queen to hold this title was Nefertiti) and “the great one of the foreign country” (ta-aat-khesut). Buried in a pyramid at Kurru. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki)     

Khensa King’s Daughter, King’s Sister and King’s Wife. Mentioned on a statue with Piye, and therefore associated with him. Buried in Kurru. Attested in both Nubia and Egypt. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki) Known from Granite offering-stone from stair in Boston, alabaster offering-stone, various alabaster vases, all with double cartouches and varying titles,  steatite ball in Boston, silver basin in Boston (Dunham and Macadam)

King’s Mother, King’s Sister, Mistress of the foreign lands, Lady of Upper and Lower Egypt. Mother of King Taharqa and most likely a wife of Piye. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki) Pyramid: El Kurru 53

, King’s Daughter and Great Royal Wife. Mentioned in Gebel Barkal, and on monuments of courtiers, Buried in Abydos. (Dodson –Hilton)

Wife of Piye, and possibly a daughter of Kashta. Known from a shabti (Dunham and Macadam)

Qalhata  King’s Sister, King’s Mother. Wife of Shabaka and mother of the later King Tanutamun (Dodson –Hilton).
Pyramid: El-Kurru 5.

Arty (Irty, Araty) King’s Daughter , King’s Wife, etc. Wife of Shebitqa. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki) Tomb El-Kurru 6.

Tabekenamun ? King’s Daughter , King’s Wife King’s Sister etc. Wife of Taharqa or Shebitqa. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki)

Naparaye. King’s Sister, King’s Wife, etc. Wife of Taharqa. Buried in el-Kurru pyramid 3. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki) Known from an alabaster offering stone.

Takahatamun King’s Sister, King’s Wife, etc. Wife of Taharqa. Shown behind Taharqa in Gebel Barkal Temple. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki)  Daughter of Piye (Dunham and Macadam) Inscription at Barkal. Reisner proposed Nuri 21 as her pyramid.

Atakhebasken, Great Royal Wife. Possibly a wife of Taharqa, buried in a puramid in Nuri. (Dodson –Hilton, Grajetzki) Pyramid Nuri 36.

[A]salka. Mother of Atlanersa and possibly wife of Taharqa (or Tanutamun). (Dunham and Macadam)

Piankharty (Piye-Arty, Piye-irty), King’s Sister and King’s Wife. Sister-wife of Tanutamun. Daughter of Shabaka (Dodson –Hilton)

Isetemkheb. Great Royal Wife, King’s Sister and King’s Daughter. Daughter of Shabaka, wife of Tanutamun, buried in Abydos. (Dodson –Hilton)

? Maloqi (Malakaye), King’s wife. Buried in Nuri tomb 59. Possibly a wife of Tanutamun. (Grajetzki) Heart scarab in Boston 20.646

26th Dynasty - Saite Period

Mehytenweskhet: She was the wife of Psamtik I. Daughter of the Vizier Harsiese and mother of the God's Wife Nitocris and the next king Necho II.

Khedebneithirbinet I: Wife of Necho II and mother of Psamtik II.
Titles: King's Wife and King's Mother. A shabti of a Queen Neithkedbirebint is in the Petrie museum collection UC 38084. This queen is dated to dynasty 30 on the Petrie website.

Takhuit: She was the wife of Psamtik II and the mother of Apries (Wahibre) as the God's Wife Ankhnesneferibre. Buried in Athribis. Her tomb was discovered in 1950.

Nakhtubasterau: Wife of the usurper Ahmose II.

Tentkheta: Wife of the usurper Ahmose II.

Merytnebes: Queen mentioned on a basalt fragment. Dated to the 26th dynasty? UC14744

27th Dynasty - Persian occupation

Several Persian Queens are known

28th-29th Dynasty

No known Queens

30th Dynasty

Udjasju: Wife of Nectanebo I and mother of King Teos (Djaho or Djedhor). A fragment of a shabti gives Udjashu the title mwt-nsw (King's Mother) UC38083

Ptolemais: Wife of Nectanebo I

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