Cemetery G1000 Mastabas at Giza

G1008 : Shepseskaf-ankh. Dyn. 5.
Judge and Strong-of-voice.
G1011:  Dyn. V.
G1012. Sedaug  Middle Dyn. 5 to Dyn. 6
Overseer of sculptors, King’s wab-priest, Prophet of Sahure and of the Pyramid of Sahure. Prophet of Ra in the Sun-templeof Userkaf, etc.
G1020: Mes-sa. Late Dyn. 4 or first half of Dyn. 5.
Statues found in serdab of Hetepi, Royal acquaintance (son?), with wife Renpetnefert
G1026 : Ma Dyn. 5-6
Director of King's wab-priests, Inspector of tenants, etc.
Text on lintel of entrance doorway with dedication of son Khnemu, Inspector of
G1029  Sekhemka     Possibly Dynasty 5, after Niuserre?
overseer of the department of the tenant-farmer(s) of the palace,  overseer of the department of the palace, royal wab-priest, priest of Khufu, priest of Shesepibre  (sun temple of Nyuserre), privy counsellor.
Son, Pehenptah, his eldest son beloved of him, royal wab-priest, priest of Khufu.
Wife (Name unknown), the royal acquaintance.
G1032 : Hetepib Dyn. 6
Inspector of craftsmen of the warbt, Overseer of the ten, etc.
Wife: Setept      Son: Iunkaf Overseer of the ten craftsmen
of the wabt.
G1036    Unknown    late Dyn. 5 or Dyn 6
Scribe-statue of a Judge and Royal scribe (no name), reading,  probably from serdab of this tomb.
G1039   Unknown Late Dyn.5 or Dyn 6.
This tomb contained several statues:
In the serdab: Intkaes. Prophetess of Hathor Mistress-of-Dendera
In a corridor: a statue-group of Mertash, Overseer of the Treasury, etc., wife (?), with son Senenu Scribe.  Iha, Overseer of builders; Intkaes, Royal acquaintance (woman); Ipiwer, Inspector of builders; Nebtnetka Mistress of the house, etc.
G1040 Unknown Late Dyn 5 or Dyn 6.
Contained statue of Teti, Inspector of builders, etc.,
G1047: Min-ankh. Dyn 4.
Also listed as Ni-ankh-min, Prophet of the Pyramids of Menkauhor and Niuserre, Overseer of the new settlements, etc.
G1061 Unknown  Late Old Kingdom
Contained an offering-table of Prophetess of Hathor, etc. (unfinished),
G1062  Unknown  Late Old Kingdom
Contained a libation-basin of Henenef, Goldsmith.

1100 Cemetery at Giza

G1104. Mes-Sa Late Dyn. 5
Contained a statue of deceased seated.
G1105 Unknown Late Dyn. 5
Contained a statue of dwarf Petpennesut (?)
G1109 Unknown Late Dyn. 4 or Dyn. 5
Contained a statue-group, man with wife Mertib seated, and three children (one of them
Sitmert Prophetess of Hathor). Also contained an offering-table of Thenti and libation-basin of Iyaankh dating to Dyn. 5-6
G1151: Nefer-ked.
Overseer of the department of tenants of the Great House, Prophet of Khufu, Prophet of Ra in the Sun-temple of Neuserre,etc.
Wife: Hemtre
G1152 Unknown Dyn 5 or 6
G1157 Unknown Dyn 5
G1171 Kaemthenent  Dyn. 5 or 6.
King’s wab-priest.
A statue of Kapuptah, Supervisor of the police, dedicated by Hehi (woman) dating to the 5th dynasty probably from this tomb.

1200 Cemetery at Giza

G1201 Prince Wepemnofret     Time of Khufu
King’s son, Prophet of Heqet, heka-priest of Mehyt, Overseer of Royal Scribes, Royal Architect, etc.
G1203 Kanofer     Time of Khufu
Overseer of Commissions and Director of Bowmen
G1204 : Akhtihotep    Middle Dyn. 5 or later.
G1205 : Khufu-nekht.    Time of Khufu
royal acquaintance
G1206 Ikhetneb   Dynasty 5
A royal acquaintance” and inspector of wa’b-priests.
One of the offering basins refers to another “a royal acquaintance” and “inspector of wa’b-priests” named Senenu. Senenu was also Director of members of a phyle, Prophet of Khufu, etc.
He was the son of Ikhetheb. The basin of Senunu was dedicated by his son Akhtihotep Inspector of boats, Director of a crew of recruits, etc.
G1207: Lady Nefer(t)   Time of Khufu
Royal acquaintance
G1208: Akhtihotep   Middle Dyn. 5 or later.
Prophet of Khufu, Overseer of the Pyramid of Khufu, Overseer of the expedition, etc.
Wife: Mertiotes.
G1213 ?  Dynasty 5
Contained a servant statue.
G1214 Katjesu and his wife Itjetka? Dynasty 5–6
[The statue of Itjetka] was found in the tomb’s serdab (offering chamber) along with the seated sculpture of a man named Katjesu. Probably by the same artist, they were perhaps created as a double commission, representing members of the same family. The lack of associated titles indicates that they were not very high-ranking. A good bit of paint survives on this piece, including pink on Lady Itjetka’s toenails.
G1221: Shad.    Probably Dyn 5.
Royal Acquaintance.
G1223: Ka-m-aha  Time of Khufu
Title: King’s son, Overseer of the phylai of Upper Egypt,Greatest of the Ten of Upper Egypt.
G1224 ?  Dynasty 4
G1225 Princess Nefert-iabet Time of Khufu
Possibly a daughter of Khufu.
G1227 : Lady Sethy-hekenet
Royal Acquaintance
G1233: Anonymous
G1234: Ankh-haf.  Late Dyn 5 or 6
Title: Judge and Boundary official of the Great House, Overseer of tenants of the Great House, Noble of the King.
G1235: Iny.  Time of  Khufu.
Title: Director of cattle-herdsmen and the pastures.

Higher numbered Tombs 1300 - 2000

G1301: Mery-nesuwt.  Dyn. 5
King's waab-priest, Strong-of-voice of thegranary of the interior (Xnw), Inspector of administrators, etc.  Wife: Kames, Overseer of female dancers, etc.
G1309. Unknown      Dyn. 5-6
Contained offering-table of Werkai, King's wab-priest, etc.
G1313: Iy-zefa.  Late Dyn 5 or 6
Tenant of the Great House, etc.
G1314. Khakare (?)     Second half of Dyn. 5
Architrave with figure of Khakare repeated nine times. Also contained a double-statue of Khakare, Hairdresser of the Great House, with small naked son named Ankhremens
G1351  Unknown     Dyn. 5-6
Libation-basin of Shenu (?) Inspector of waab-priests, etc.

G1402 ?
  Dynasty 5-6
Tomb contained statue of Lady Isran and a statue of Sabtu with small son Irukaptah
G1452 + 1453: Djed-wa’a.  Mid Dyn 5 or later
Prophet of Khufu, Inspector of wab-priests, etc.
G1457: Nefert-nesut  probably Dyn. 5
Prophet of Khufu, Overseer of the Pyramid-town of Khufu, Overseer of the wabt of the King, etc.
G1461: Unknown   Dyn 5 or 6
Nufer Overseer of scribes of the Pyramid of Khufu, Secretary, Overseer of the Treasury, is mentioned on a drum.

G1501 Ptahirankh and Nyankhhathor   time of Neferirkare to Reneferef
Ptahirankh was Steward.

G1607: I'an.
 Possibly late Dyn 4
Overseer of the House of weaving women, etc.
Wife, Neferhanesut.  This is a rock-cut tomb, unfinished.
G1608: Senenu    Possibly late Dyn 4
Inspector of ka-servants.