Giza Mastabas G7000

Tombs of the royal family:

G7000X Hetepheres I. Time of Seneferu – Khufu.
Wife of King Seneferu and mother of Khufu. Her sarcophagus (empty) and funerary equipment were found in this shaft. Pyramid GIa, one of the Queen’s pyramids , may have been built for her.

G7050 Princess Nefertkau I Time of Seneferu
Daughter of Seneferu. Mother of Nefermaat II and grandmother of Seneferu-khaf.

G7060 Nefermaat II Time of Seneferu – Khufu?
King’s son, Hereditary prince, Overlord of Nekheb, etc. (Vizier of Khephren.)
Son of Nefertkau I (G7050) and grandson of Seneferu.

G7070 Seneferu-khaf Time of Khufu? Middle Dyn. IV to early Dyn. V.
Son of the Vizier Nefermaat II and great-grandson of Seneferu.
Treasurer of the King of Lower Egypt, Herdsman of Apis, etc.

G7110+7120 Prince Kawab     Time of  Khufu
Eldest son and heir of Khufu. Married to Hetepheres II. Died before his father.
Sons: Kaemsekhem, Mindjedef, and possibly Duaenhor. Daughter: Meresankh III.

G7130+7140 Khufu-khaf I Time of Khufu – Khafre
Son of Khufu and Queen Henutsen. Served as Vizier. Some have speculated that Khufu-khaf is Khafre, but this is uncertain.
Married to Nefertkau II and possibly the father of Khufukhaf II.
Daughter: king’s daughter [Nefret?]-ka. Sons: Wet-ka, and Iun-ka.

G7150 Khufu-khaf II Time of Niuserre
Possibly a son of Khufu-khaf I based on the proximity of their tombs (they are adjacent).
Wife Khentkaues (has title King’s daughter of his body).
Sons: Khaf-Khufu and Sety-Ptah

G7210-7220 Prince Dedef-hor (or Hordjedef)     Time of Khufu - Menkaure
A book of wisdom was attributed to him. The inscriptions in his tomb may have been damaged by an enemy, but a cult was established for Hordjedef in Saqqara.
King’s son of his body, Count, Keeper of Nekhen, etc.
Parents, Khufu and probably Mertiotes [I].

G7350 Mother of a Queen Time of Khufu – Shepseskhaf?
Possibly the tomb of Hetepheres II. First married to Prince Kawab (G7110+7120) she later married King Djedefre.

G 7410+7420. Meres'Ankh II
King’s daughter of his body, King’s wife, etc., and probably Harbaf King’s son. Temp. Khufu to early Dyn. V.
Parents of Meres'ankh II, Khufu and probably Mertiotes [I].
Father of Harbaf, probably Khufu.

G7430+7440 Prince Minkhaf    Time of Khufu
King’s son of his body, Chief Justice and Vizier (of Khephren), etc. Parents, Khufu and possibly Henutsen.
In 7440 a beaded dress was found. The main body of the dress consists of faience beads strung in a lozenge pattern. A line of dark blue cylinder beads marks the division between the skirt and the bodice. The halter-shaped bodice consists of alternating rows of cylinder beads and the lozenge pattern. Light and dark blue floral beads hang from the bottom edge of the garment.

G7510 Prince Ankhaf     Time of Sneferu – Khafre
Ankhaf was Vizier under Khafre. Married to a lady called Hetepheres, who is not buried in this mastaba as it only has one burial shaft. Ankhaf and Hetepheres were both children of Seneferu, hence they were (half-) brother and sister. Parents of Ankhaf were Snefru and a minor Queen.

G7530+7540 Queen Meresankh III     Time of Khafre
Constructed by Queen Hetepheres II. Daughter of Hetepheres II and Kawab. Wife of Khafre.

G7550 Duaenhor Possibly time of Menkaure
Probably a son of Prince Kawab and Hetepheres II, and hence a grandson of Khufu.

G7650 Akethotep and Princess Merytyotes (II)     Probably time of Khafre
Akhethotep was Prophet of Khufu, Sole companion, Director of the Palace, etc., and wife Merytyotes, King’s daughter of his body, Prophetess of Khufu, Hathor, and Neith, etc.
Merytyotes, was probably a daughter of Khufu and Mertiotes [I].

G7660 Kaemsekhem    Dynasty 4
Tittles: King’s son, Director of the Palace, etc.
Son of Kawab and Hetepheres II, grand-son of Khufu.

G7760 Mindjedef Late 4th dynasty
Titles: King’s son of his body, Hereditary prince, Treasurer of the King of Lower Egypt, etc.
Possible son of Kawab and Hetepheres II, and thus a grandson of Khufu.
Wife, Khufu'ankh

G7810 Djati  End of the 4th Dynasty
Overseer of the Expedition, King’s son of his body and general. Possibly a son of Horbaef ans Meresankh II?, and thus a grandson of Khufu

G7820 Iynefer (II) Late 4th dynasty
Husband of Nefertkau (III). His wife Nefertkau was probably the daughter of Horbaef and Meresankh II. This means Nefertkau was likely the grand-daughter of Khufu.

Werniri Hereditary prince, Herdsman of Apis, etc. Probably Dyn. V.
Between tombs G 7810 and 7820.

Other tombs

G7101 Meryre-Nefer, good name Qar Time of Pepi I ?
Qar is possibly the son of Idu (G7102)
Mother: Khenut  Wife: Gefi (King’s acquaintance, Priestess of Hathor)
Son(?): Idu;  Brother: Nakhti;  Sisters:Tjetut and Bendet
Titles of Qar include: true pillar of Kenmet, overseer of the pyramid town of Akhet-Khufu, overseer of the pyramid town Netjery-Menkaure, overseer of the residence, overseer of the scribes of all the works, overseer of all the works, priest of Maat, overseer of the secrets of every command, tenant farmer of Meryre-mennefer, he who is at the head of the king, sole companion, inspector of the wab priests of Wer-Khafre, etc.

G7102 Idu Time of Pepi I ?
Titles of Idu: pillar of Kenmet, overseer of the distribution of offerings in the two houses, overseer of the great chapel, overseer of the great hall of justice, overseer of the meret-serfs, determiner of disputes, staff of the rekhyet-people, priest of Maat, tenant farmer of Mennefer-Pepy, he who is at the head of the king, he who makes right the determination of disputes, inspector of the wab-priest of Akhet-Khufu, inspector of the wab-priests of Wer-Khafre, etc.
Wife: Meretyotes;  Sons: Qar Idu and Hemi;  Daughters: Bendjet and Iry.

G7142 Kameni  Dynasty 5

G7152: Ptah-sekhem-ankh.

G7211 Khaemankh probably late Dynasty 5 or 6
Prophet of Re in the Sun-temple of Menkauhor, Prophet of the Pyramid of Menkauhor, Inspector of administrators of the Treasury, etc. Contained false door of Kha.

G 7244 Chapel. Khuenptah -, Keeper of the legs of the Great House.
Mother, Intkaes [I]. Wife, Khenut

G7246: Khuw-n-ptah.

G7248A Mestju called Iren?   Dynasty 5-6
A stela was recovered depicting Mestju, his wife Nubhotep and his daughter Henut

G7249: Men-ib. Dynasty 4 - 5
Box-sealing with Horus-name of Neuserrea, from shaft A.

G7310 + 7320: Ra-bauwf (?).

G7391: Iteti. Late Dyn. V.
Inspector of wab-priests of the Pyramid of Khephren, Inspector of the Great House, etc. 
Wife, Sent'ankh Royal acquaintance.

G 7411. Kaemthenent Dyn. V.
Wife, HatHornufer

G 7711 (a) Khnemdjedef King’s son, Greatest of the Ten of Upper Egypt, Overseer of works of the King. Dyn. V-VI.

Merykhufu King’s son of his body, Hereditary prince, etc. Dyn. V-VI.
North of tomb G 7711a.

G 7721 Kakherptah Supervisor of the police, etc. Dyn. V.

G7753 ? early to mid Dynasty 5
Contained: Limestone "false door" of Inty, Priestess of Hathor.

G7813D Inekef?  Dynasty 5
A small false door was found

G7814: Ka-aper. Overseer of the Two Treasuries, Overseer of works, etc. Dyn. V-VI.

G7815: Hap-n-nebty. Prophetess of Hathor and Neith, etc. Dyn.V-VI.

G7821 : Ptah-nefer-seshem. (or Nefersheshemptah) Steward of the Great Estate, etc.
Dyn. V-VI.

G7822: Mesuw. Director of vine-dressers, etc. Dyn. V-VI.

G7836: Nebty-her-kauw-s. Prophetess of Hathor Mistress-of-the-Sycamore, etc. Dyn. V.

G7837 + 7843: Ankh-ma-ra. Probably first half of Dyn. V.

G 7851 Wermeru. End of Dyn. V or Dyn. VI.

G7946 Nefu and Khenmet-setju    Time of Niuserre – Unis
Title: Inspector of administrators of the Treasury, etc.

G7948 (LG 75): Khafra-ankh.  (Or Ra'Kha'ef'Ankh) Companion of the Great House,
Inspector of wab-priests of the Pyramid of Khephren, etc. Dyn. V or later.
Wife, Nikahor Prophetess of Hathor Mistress-of-the-Sycamore and Mistress-of-
Dendera, and of Neith Opener-of-the-Ways, etc.