Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Class is Over

This class is finished.

Final grades are posted on Banner. Use handin -g to see the report from your final project.

Final Project

The final project assignment.

Alpha due Tuesday, Nov. 29, midnight.

Beta due Tuesday, Dec. 5, midnight.

Final version due Tuesday, Dec. 13, midnight.

Hand in the files for your project with the handin command. At each stage, you are required to handin a plain text file called README which describes what you have handed in and how to make it work.

Ideas for Games

Other ideas: Checkers. Monopoly. Risk. Mancala. Memory. Stratego. Boggle. Dominoes. Solitaire. Poker. Fantasy baseball. Twenty questions. Wheel of Fortune. Jeopardy. Let's Make a Deal. Global thermonuclear war.

Two applets for Mastermind: One for you to solve, one that solves for you.

Python Trace

A very nice applet that allows you to visualize the step-by-step execution of Python code. They have examples, and you can paste your own code as well to see it happen. Follow this link or the one on our resources page.

Linux Lab Hours

The schedule for the Linux Lab, including tutoring times is now posted here

X11 Port Forwarding

We've seen how to connect to turing with text only (Putty or Terminal) and how to get a full graphical connection with NX Client. If you want to connect from home or your laptop, need graphics, but don't want to run NX Client (which is slow), consider using X11 port forwarding.
For the Mac
Use the -X option to ssh:
ssh -X
For Windows
You can do X11 forwarding with X-Deep/32 and PuTTY. Here's a link to a page with directions: X11 Forwarding (skip to Step 3). Note that you'll need the freeware X-Deep/32 (see the directions link), and not the trial version of the pay software.