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Dr. Michael Lamar
Phone: 314-977-2434
Office: Ritter 213

Current Teaching:               
Math 3550 - Mathematical Statistics
Math 4880 - Probability & Statistics for Engineers

Reasearch Interests:
The bulk of my work has been in machine learning focusing on natural language processing.  Specifically, I have worked extensively on part-of-speech tagging using co-occurrence statistics of word types.  I have explored the problem relying on both probabilistic models and dynamical systems based models.  I have a growing interest in biological learning as it relates to neural coding, language acquisition, and vision.
Curriculum Vitae:


May 2010 Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Brown University

May 2004 M.Sc. Applied and Computational Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University

August 2000 M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Washington University

May 1999 B.A. Mathematics & Economics, Washington University

May 1999 B.S. Physics (History minor), Washington Unversity


Maron, Lamar, and Bienenstock.  Sphere Embedding: An Application to Part-of-Speech Induction.  NIPS 2010. (pdf)

Lamar, Maron, and Bienenstock.  Latent Descriptor Clustering for Unsupervised POS Induction. EMNLP 2010. (pdf)
Lamar, Maron, Bienenstock, and Johnson.  Iterated SVD-and-Clustering for Unsupervised POS Tagging.  ACL 2010. (pdf, awarded Best Short Paper)
Awadallah, Lamar, Kuttler. An Accelerated Boundary Integral Equation Scheme for Propagation over the Ocean Surface. Radio Sciene. 37(5), 1075 October 2002
Bayly, Lamar, Calvert. Low-Frequency Regenerative Vibration and the Formation of Lobed Holes in Drilling.  Journal of Manufacturing Science Eng. May 2002 Volume 124, Issue 2

Awards and Recognition

May 2011: MAA

            Project NExT Fellow

July 2010: Association for Computational Linguistics

            Award for Best Short Paper

May 2010: Brown University's Presidential Award for Teaching

            Nominee of the Division of Applied Mathematics

2002: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

            Best Paper Award

1999: Washington University

            Summa Cum Laude

            Phi Beta Kappa

            Sigma Xi

Teaching Experience

August 2011 - present Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University
Math 401 Probability Theory
Math 402 Mathematical Statistics
Math 403 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Math 493 Probability Models
Math 355 Differential Equations
Math 130 Introduction to Statistics with Computers
Math 126 Statistics in Sports and Politics

August 2010 June 2011 Visiting Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University
Math 401 Probability Theory
Math 402 Mathematical Statistics
Math 130 Introduction to Statistics with Computers

August 2005 May 2010 Teaching Assistant, Brown University

Upper Level Courses
    - Statistical Inference I
    - Statistical Inference II
    - Operations Research: Probabilistic Models
    - Introduction to Scientific Programming

                                    Lower Level Courses
                                        - Honors Differential Equations I

                                             - Honors Differential Equations II

Summer 1997, Summer 1998    Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth