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MATH 1520
Calculus II

Course Description

Symbolic and numerical techniques of integration, improper integrals, applications using the definite integral, sequences and series, power series, Taylor series, differential equations.


A grade of C- or better in MATH 1510.


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Spring 2021Russell BlythOnline
Spring 2021Dorsa GhoreishiMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Spring 2021Anneke Bart and Alex FaganMWF 1:10pm-2:00pm
Spring 2021Jim CoughlinMTWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Fall 2020Philip HulingOnline
Fall 2020Anneke Bart and Alex FaganOnline
Fall 2020James HebdaOnline
Summer 2020Philip HulingOnline
Spring 2020Charles BurnetteMTWF 8:00am-8:50am
Spring 2020Greg MarksMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Spring 2020Charles BurnetteMTWF 10:00am-10:50am
Spring 2020Greg MarksMTWF 1:10pm-2:00pm
Spring 2020Katherine RadlerMTWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Fall 2019Michael May, S.J.MTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Fall 2019Julianne RainboltMTWF 10:00am-10:50am
Fall 2019Philip HulingMTWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Fall 2019James T. GillMTWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Summer 2019Michael TsauMTWRF 9:50am-11:30am
Spring 2019Russell GowardMTWF 8:00am-8:50am
Spring 2019Brent WesselMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Spring 2019John KalliongisMTWF 10:00am-10:50am
Spring 2019Bryan ClairMTWF 1:10pm-2:00pm
Spring 2019Dennis WackerMTWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Spring 2019Charles BurnetteMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Fall 2018Greg MarksMTWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Fall 2018Elodie PozziMTWF 10:00am-10:50am
Fall 2018Ashish K. SrivastavaMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Fall 2018Bryan ClairMTWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Summer 2018Michael TsauMTWRF 9:50am-11:30am
Spring 2018Julianne RainboltMTWF 8:00am-8:50am
Spring 2018Nirina Lovasoa RandrianarivonyMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Spring 2018Philip HulingMTWF 10:00am-10:50am
Spring 2018Michael TsauMTWF 1:10pm-2:00pm
Spring 2018Qayum KhanMTWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Spring 2018Philip HulingMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Fall 2017Michael May, S.J.MTWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Fall 2017Julianne RainboltMTWF 10:00am-10:50am
Fall 2017Dennis WackerMTWF 9:00am-9:50am
Fall 2017James T. GillMTWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Fall 2017Ashish K. SrivastavaMTWF 8:00am-8:50am
Summer 2017Michael TsauMTWRF 9:50am-11:30am