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Charles Burnette, SLU

Friday, September 20 at 4:00pm in Ritter 242 with refreshments beforehand in the Ritter Hall Lobby.

Title: Involution factorizations of Ewens random permutations

Abstract: An involution is a permutation that is its own inverse. Given a permutation σ of [n], let involn(σ) denote the number of ways to express σ as a composition of two involutions of [n]. The random variables involn are asymptotically lognormal when the symmetric groups Sn are each equipped with Ewens Sampling Formula probability measures of some fixed positive parameter θ. In this talk, I will summarize what is already known and explain new results about the previously determined limiting distribution of involn for uniform random permutations, i.e. the specific case of θ = 1.

Algebra Seminar

Katie Radler and Sarah Aljohani, SLU graduate students

This will be a weekly series of talks beginning Tuesday, September 24 at 10:00am in Ritter 225.

Title: Variations of prime ideals and factorization of ideals in Leavitt path algebras