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The department and university offer an array of academic support services for students.

Office Hours

Your instructor's office hours are the first way you should seek help if you are struggling in a class. Don't feel like you need a "good question" to approach your instructor. If you cannot make scheduled office hours all instructors will schedule alternate times by appointment, within reason.

Help Sessions

The department of mathematics and statistics provides drop-in tutoring to support all mathematics and statistics courses from elementary algebra to Calculus III. Help sessions are staffed by advanced mathematics students, and no appointments are necessary.

Fall 2020 Hours

For Fall 2020, help sessions will be conducted via Zoom. The zoom links are only accessible to SLU students using their SLU accounts:

Click here for Zoom links

8 - 9 am Caden   Caden   Caden  
9 - 10 am Megan Zach Megan Zach Megan  
10 - 11 am   Peter   Peter    
11 am - 12 pm   Peter   Peter    
12 - 1 pm Shanea Oscar Shanea Shanea Shanea  
1 - 2 pm Shanea Shanea Shanea Shanea Shanea  
2 - 3 pm   Jiaying Megan Oscar    
3 - 4 pm   Jiaying Megan Oscar Oscar  
4 - 5 pm            
5 - 6 pm     Jiaying     Jiaying
6 - 7 pm Zach Peter Jiaying Calin   Jiaying
7 - 8 pm Zach Peter   Calin   Jiaying
8 - 9 pm Zach Peter   Calin    

Student Success Center

SLU's Student Success Center provides academic support across the curriculum, and can match you with an individual tutor for help in mathematics and statistics courses from elementary algebra to differential equations.

For the remainder of Spring 2020, the Student Success Center is scheduling appointment based tutoring with Zoom.  See this document for details.

Computer Science Tutors

The computer science department provides drop-in tutoring to support computational math courses MATH 1660 Discrete Mathematics and R-based statistics courses such as MATH/STAT 3850 Foundations of Statistics. Tutoring hours are held in the Linux Lab (Ritter Hall 117) and no appointments are necessary. See the computer science tutoring page for details and posted hours.

Private Tutoring

 The department maintains a list of individuals offering private tutoring for a fee.  Contact the department for more information.

Success in Mathematics

Created by the department in 1993, the Success in Mathematics document is still relevant to success in mathematics courses today.  Printed copies are available by request.