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The statistics concentration is a selection of courses resulting in a B.A. in Mathematics.  It includes the core six courses required in any B.A. in Mathematics along with particular choices for the remainder of the student coursework.

Students seeking the B.A. in Mathematics with a Statistics Concentration must complete these six courses, which are common to all Mathematics B.A. degrees:

  • MATH 1510 - Calculus I
  • MATH 1520 - Calculus II
  • MATH 2530 - Calculus III (must be taken at Saint Louis University with a grade of at least “C”)
  • MATH 2660 - Principles of Mathematics
  • MATH 3120 - Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • MATH 3850 - Foundations of Statistical Analysis.

Students choosing the Concentration in Statistics must also complete CSCI 1300 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming to satisfy the computing requirement of the Mathematics B.A.

The remaining coursework must include:

along with two additional courses from the following list: