Saint Louis University
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
brody dylan johnson
220 North Grand Boulevard, Saint Louis, Missouri 63103. phone: (314) 977-2484, fax: (314) 977-1452, email: brody at slu dot edu
Below, one can find notes or slides for many of my recent talks. Some of these are expository, while others focus on my research program.

  • An introduction to filterbank frames. (pdf)
  • Quincunx wavelets on T2. (pdf)
  • Another look at periodic wavelets. (pdf)
  • Nonlinear approximation with frames. (pdf)
  • Frame potential & finite abelian groups. (pdf)
  • Stable filtering schemes with rational dilations. (pdf)
  • Orthogonal wavelet frames and vector-valued discrete wavelet transforms. (pdf)
  • Basic applications of wavelets. (pdf)
  • Shift-invariant frames and the frame potential. (pdf)
  • Nonseparable bidimensional filter banks associated with oversampled wavelet transforms. (pdf)
  • Multiscale wavelet edge detection. (pdf)

  • An introduction to frames. (pdf)
  • A mathematical glance at zombie infestation. (embedded videos = large file!) (pdf)
  • The physics of bowling: How good bowlers stay off the straight and narrow. (pdf)
  • The nonholonomy of the rolling sphere. (pdf)
  • The hat problem. (pdf)
  • Frames in Rn. (notes) (pdf)